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Thread: Meat Markets?

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    Meat Markets?

    I'll be visiting Montreal this weekend and stay downtown in the Sherbrooke and St. Dennis area.

    Any suggestions on good places to go to pick up women? I'm looking for English-speaking ladies and I'm over 30 so I'm not interested in little girls who think it's cool to be a drink whore.

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    Check out Zaz Bar on 4297 St Denis. The women are mostly French but they will fight with each other to buy you drinks! Unfortunately, usually the exactly opposite situation with English women on Crescent street.

    I agree with Bruce34, how can a man go wrong with a male strip club? I've also heard women there go wild and some even publicly masturbate!!


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    I'm not sure if this is a joke or serious. Maybe it's Montreal humor but I wouldn't step a foot into a male strip club. Not my thing. Or maybe it's a Montreal thing to have men and women go to male strip clubs?

    I think Carla's advice sounded better. Thanks.

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