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Thread: Dirty Talk - What turns you on?

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    Dirty talk can be a turn-on when it is sincere. What I mean is that it actually comes from the excitement of the moment and is not a script that is planned to get some desired response. And it has to be combined with action. Communication during sex is incredibly important, whether it is by simply guiding your partner's actions, expressing your desires with body movements or sounds, or graphically expressing what you want verbally. As far as I'm concerned, without this communication, sex becomes nothing more than masturbation using your partner's body as a replacement for your own hand. I don't believe in favorite expressions as every encounter is different and everything should flow naturally and should not be planned in any way. You can plan a meeting, the atmosphere, the music, etc...but once the actual act begins, everything goes out the window. And personally, nothing said is taboo as long as the feelings/emotions/desires behind it are real.

    I also feel that dirty talk can be used to build excitement before hand. A phone call or text message during the day to build anticipation of the evening to come. Especially when you are in a situation where you can't openly reply but only listen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth
    The line between what is exciting and degrading seems to be quite thin. Same goes for what is considered kinky or just too vulgar.
    If you ask me, I think you could say just about anything to a guy without offending him, whereas, a guy talking dirty to a woman has to be a lot more attuned to her likes and dislikes...
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    Nice topic, Elizabeth.

    As an individual I am open to a lot of things, but one of them isn't noisy sex. I don't like it when women scream. To tell you the truth, it grosses me out.

    As for conversation, I like and encourage feedback and instructions (ie. women guiding me in order to enhance their pleasure). Depending on the situation, romantic talk is also nice if it is sincere.

    I enjoy mock aggressitivity, but would rather slit my throat than say anything to insult a woman (ie, bitch, whore). Even if the woman wanted it, I couldn't do it.

    Elizabeth, I think your caution in determining what to say is smart. I'm probably not the only one who doesn't get off on "dirty talk".

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    Dirty talk.No not a turn on then again may be

    I have never experienced it with a girlfriend but every time it happened with a SP (twice) it just felt like she was just trying to make me finish faster and it sounded phony. Come to think of it, one was with one of my worst encounter ever.
    Although I must admit that with the other one it sort of turned me on after a while. (Did come faster) but didn't want to repeat it anyway. I would never do it myself, not what I am seeking.

    Moaning, sighing, groaning is a turn on along with some heart felt: yes, faster, slower, ahh coco ( yes she called me that), it feels so good. I am thinking about a torrid time I had with a past girlfriend that was a real nymphomaniac. You would think every man's dream, right?. She literally sucked me dry, can you believe that I left her because she wanted more sex then I could bare.

    Romance is my game but reading about some of the comments of past posters and man around me, I don't think most man are romantic, they just want to get into the girls pants. So do I, if I am honest with myself, but I want more too, making being witht each other all the more enjoyable.

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    I wouldn't do that to a nice guy like you Player_82

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    As awkward as it may sound, Dirty talk doesn't necessarily turns me on, cuz most of the times, it appears too fake to me. With this regard, when I watch a Porn movie for ie, I turn off the volume because most of the times it's the same old repetitive and previsible dirty talking.
    The exception being Tamara of XXXtase: when she dirty talks, that brings some sparkles to her already great sex behaviour.
    The best dirty talks that did excite me to the Max actually never came from an sp:
    I remember a sweet cutie I once met at a bar. She was shy and highly well mannered.
    In the middle of my 1st night with her, while sleeping, she quietly whispered to my ears:
    j'aimerai te sentir ŕ l'intérieur de moi ( I wanna feel you inside of me).
    Mixed with the fact that she was reserved, that kinda drove me Krazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
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    I turn off the volume because most of the times it's the same old repetitive and previsible dirty talking.
    If you want a good laugh listen to an english porn translated to french. It never follows what is happening including the lip movement. It just seems like they use a prerecorded tape that they play no matter what the action is, even when there is no action.

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    One of the SPs that I saw regularly a few years ago used to do this often with me while switching back and forth between HJ/. She was able to get me to cum multiple times within our meeting by doing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth
    Details... I want details!!
    Well, I'm a gentleman so I won't go into too many details.

    I was repeat customer of hers so she knew what turned me on, etc. although she did try one thing on me that I wasn't overly thrilled with when she did it. When she saw my facial expression (I didn't say anything), she didn't do it again.

    In regards to the dirty talking and her getting me to cum multiple times within our meeting, it was a combination of her very sexy French-Quebecoise accent, her telling me what she wanted me to do to her, and what she wanted to do to me. She also spoke French to me which for me was a major turn-on.

    She is one of the SPs where I've had the most SOG with in a 2 hour meeting. I don't have any issues with MSOG but she was able to get me off the most number of times within our meetings.

    I think that dirty talk only works if the other person knows you well enough to know what you like and dislike. I've never done it myself because I don't think that I feel comfortable doing it.

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    Maybe this primer is of use to you:
    The first and second pages go through the 'basics' of breathing and setting the mood, and the parts you might be more interested in are on pages three and four.
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    This is a great site in many aspects not only for dirty talk. Thanks for the link Agrippa.
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    Dirty talk is a definite turn off when it sound like a script. Some are better at reading a script than other but, for some reason, it's difficult for me to "feel" it's natural from most of the ladies I've met in the business.

    I don't know, sometimes, it's not what's being said but how it's done. That would explain Tony's point of view on "penis" and "vagin" and, I tend to agree with him, even the "real" terms can be a turn-on if said in the right way, with the right timming.

    Turn-off? "Mange-moi, oui, c'est bon, encore..." all in the same breath, repeated over and over with same tone, perfect pronunciation and language, no variation, whatever my tongue is doing, same reaction... Come on! I know I'm good but not that much! Now, that's a downer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fat Happy Buddha
    ............ I like and encourage feedback and instructions (ie. women guiding me in order to enhance their pleasure)............
    Something along the lines of, "One more inch, then make a sharp right" ?

    I despise dirty talk.

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    Nothing better then talking dirty. Makes the sex more intense and helps make the orgasm's euphoric!!! Right Elizabeth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth
    Well... The guy I was talking to sure seemed to enjoy himself.
    During my last trip to Montreal I was involved in an interesting situation... the lady with whom I was having a sleepover and I were on the couch... her netherlands exposed... she received a call from another one of her boyfriends who was driving... she put him on the speaker phone, had him pull over and with erotic words and directions she had him autoeroticise... he of course didn't know I was listening and following the directions as well...

    Go figure.... it was a real turn on.... to have her controlling the 2 of us,,,, with 1 knowing the other not... she is a mischief,,,,

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