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Thread: meeting other members

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    meeting other members

    i'm thinking of meeting some other members who love asian massages and working together face to face to find the best girls.has someone tried meeting other members?this method is faster.saves money,finds best girls and a friends for our double please


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    Good idea endless. I am also into asians. However, I am not very experimented. But I will contribute as much as I can.

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    hi again

    i'm getting a lot of feedback from members who are willing to try this.i'm a young guy so a mixture of of ages is welcomed but experience is a must.asian lovers only,any city and you don't have to be rich!working together in a small group,we'll spend less money and taste more asians


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    Great idea except an issue of trust always arises. You never know who is going to be part of a group and what their motivations might be.

    I would suggest collaborating through the PM system on this site. It would achieve the intended goal without exposing anyone unnecessarily.

    Just my opinion. Maybe I'm being too cautious, I don't know.

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    Endless. Who says I am not young? :P

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