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Thread: Common Sense for Girls

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    Common Sense for Girls

    I am starting this thread as a reference for the girls who are new to the business or, would like to add more to the experience of their clients. This is NOT a thread for naming ladies who have done things less than professionally, but to help them make FUTURE decisions that can be viewed as more professional.

    Here are some situations I would like to address:

    1) SP is going to be late, how can she handle this situation professionally? We'll look at it on several levels a) she realizes she will be late at least 2 hours ahead of time... b) She realizes an hour beforehand... c) she is stuck in traffic and it looks like it is going to be quite a delay...

    2) SP starts her period (or it hasn't ended as expected), how can she satisfy you in this situation?

    3) SP must cancel, the day prior, or the day of, or an hour beforehand, or even a couple of hours after the fact (in itself not professional, but sometimes inevitable)

    There are of course many other situations, and please feel free to add those here as well...


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    Question What discussion?


    This should be one of the shortest threads on MERB based on your initial 3 situations.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daringly
    ...if you have booked a date and she realizes she can't keep it or is going to be late. There is no excuse for not making contact right away either thru email or a phone call. For these reasons contact info is a must.

    In all situations, the SP must contact the client ASAP and let the client decide whether to delay, reschedule or cancel. I don't understand where there is any discussion! The timing will dictate what method of contact is used (PM, email or phone) but it is up to her to do it.

    If I, as a client, realize that I must postpone, reschedule or cancel an appointment with an SP, the responsibility is mine to make contact in whatever way the SP has provided.

    BTW I have only canceled an appointment once in 10 years, and could not contact the lady because she did not provide a phone number. When she arrived, I gave her a significant portion of her fee and an apology.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager
    In all situations, the SP must contact the client ASAP and let the client decide whether to delay, reschedule or cancel. I don't understand where there is any discussion!

    I agree with you here (notice the title?), however, I am not only asking what she should do, but how can she handle and explain the situation professionally (a very personal emergency reason for cancelation is not something I care to discuss with a client) Especially if it is something more last minute... like when one just realizes that she will be late by, let's say an hour? Or if her period just starts a few hours before a meeting? Or if she must cancel last minute? Also, I am not limiting the topic to these examples, feel free to add some of your own pet peeves and resolutions.

    Lot's of guys would expect some compensation for this situation, is it, or when is it and how much is appropriate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daringly
    Speaking for myself i would not expect any compensation especially if she acted professionally and contacted me right away. However i would expect a reason and depending on the reason i may or may not book her again.
    I also agree with you. I've never seeked compensation nor has it ever been offered to me. If I was notified beforehand and professionally, I am generally fine with it. I have been on the receiving end of cancellations so they have happened to me. However, depending on her reason (which may or may not be true by the way) and previous encounters (if I am a regular), she might have lost a "regular" customer. It also depends on the amount of time that I was warned or notified. It has happened in the past that I was not notified (didn't receive a call back until the day after from the SP apologizing for not showing up).

    I can understand the compensation issue if the customer rents a 4 hour motel for the date and the SP doesn't show up. In that case, some compensation might be warranted if she still wants to see the customer in the future. I've never rented a 4 hour motel so I've never been in this sitation.
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    2 words: communication and honesty.

    I would't expect a compensation if I'm told the truth and if I'm told as soon as possible. Emergency do happen and nature does call so, it's a given. I would adjust myself or cancel/reschedule, depending on what fits best at the time.

    But if the lady/agency have a reputation of missing appointments, I would just stop calling after the second "excuse".

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    I agree that communication is key. Call as soon as possible with the bad news.
    In the case of the period example, I think I would appreciate knowing about a period coming on, and I do not think that most adults would consider it too personal and shocking to discuss. I think it would be appropriate to inform the client, and offer to perform less than full service if that would be acceptable to the client (especially if it is short notice and the client may have trouble finding a substitute), or cancel.

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