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Thread: How did you FIRST find out about this board?

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    How did you FIRST find out about this board?

    How did you FIRST find out about this board?

    The first board member I met asked me that question. Thought it was a great question. Wanted to ask everyone how they found this board as well. I'll start off:

    Whenever our group has to go away to another city on business, it is my job to find 2 things: the best steak house, and the best strip club(s). I do Internet searches, and I always consult the various newsgroups. For strip clubs, I look at the stripclub news group on USENET and get some reviews. When it was time to go to Toronto and Montreal, I found that there were several posts in the newsgroup on TERB and MERB, which said that they were the best boards for information on the respective cities.

    I had never been to Toronto before, but I had visited Montreal many times, as a regular tourist (Jazz Fest, Just For Laughs). I knew there were strip clubs, but knew nothing of the strip club scene in town. I also had no idea that there was an active SP and massage scene there as well. I 'educated' myself a lot, LOL...

    Needless to say, my co-workers thanked me for doing the research, LOL. And I have been an active board member ever since. I have met many great people on this board as well!

    For me, finding out about this part of Montreal nightlife was the 'icing on the cake,' for a city that was already my favorite city to visit.
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    I had gone on a trip to visit German FKK clubs with a dude from Toronto and he, of course, spent a lot of time talking about what services are available in Toronto.

    Toronto, though, is way too far for me to drive but his descriptions of the Toronto scene prompted me to research the Montreal scene.

    My visits to Toronto were limited to the lap dance and strip club scene. I used to drop in on the late great Fantasia in Richmond Hill. I loved that place.

    I speak French (Parisian French), actually am in Montreal several times a year so it was a natural fit.

    He is a member of TERB and suggested I visit MERB. This is how I found MERB.
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    I was here when it started. Although my profile says I registered in July 2003, I believe I registered the same month the Board started, which I think was May 2003 although it may have been a month or two earlier. There were a lot of early glitches and one of them involved my account. Fred Zed had to delete my account and a bunch of posts I had made and we had to start from scratch back in July 2003, because one day I could not log into my own account and was unable to post. Fortunately those early bugs did get worked out.

    In those early days, the Board's most significant posters were Bob Crane, EB Samaritano, and ManAboutTown, none of whom have posted in years. All three of them contributed significant information (EBS with a bit of an edge) and in my mind were the "founding fathers", so to speak, of this Board. EBS was a provocative poster who was a lightning rod for controversy, and from the historical standpoint, he was to some degree responsible for both the rise of this Board and the continuing rise of the HDH market. It was in fact EBS who coined the terms "HDH" ("high dollar hottie") and "LDL" ("low dollar looker") which are still used to this day. His posts, although often pompous and arrogant, were usually right on target and extremely well written.

    Bob Crane was the most well respected review writer early on (mainly due to his writing skills).
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    I found this excellent resource when I was returning to Montreal on business after a long time away. I knew about and had visited several strip clubs that I found wandering St. Catherines on previous visits. So thanks to Al Gore and his wonderful internet invention and the google boys, I found Montreal and then the other board and then this board, then terb, perb, and all the other "erbs." Then I've found my way into the chat room, and attended two GT's where I've met and kept in contact with several other kindred spirits. I guess largely due to this board, several members and some lovely ladies I've met; Montreal is now my first choice for a work destination and one of my top vacation choices. And CK_NJ at least your co-workers know you for what you are: A gourmet carnivore geek perv.

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    EB, I believe Ollie could also be considered one of the founding fathers

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    I've been on the lookout for information about escorts for a long time. There wasn't much available early on but the internet era changed everything. I've stumbled over Canada's Best Escorts and Toronto Escort Review Board very early on but, besides overlooking them in lurking mode, didn't get involved.

    As Daringly, I then found Robin's Montreal Spreadsheet which, for the first time for me, provided information on the Montreal Escort Scene from a user's perspective. I've used this for over a year, greatly increasing my satisfaction rate over the random selection of newspaper ads. Thanks to Robin, I've discovered back then great things like the Private Lies incall service.

    I'm not sure if it's the spreadsheet itself or another banner link on a agency website which led me somewhere in 2004 to MERB. I've lurked for many months before joining the band in January 2005. I first started by asking questions about a few SPs I had search problems with and I remember well EagerBeaver being the first to provide help. I'm glad I finally joined and greatful for all the information I got.

    Lion Heart

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    Great topic Clark! I found the board totally by accident. I had been talking to a former dancer friend of mine and she had discovered that one of her best friends, another dancer who I knew (and had the hots for), was working as an escort. So I picked up the Montreal Mirror and checked out the escort ads for clues as she had no idea of what the agency was, I didn't ask her as she was quite disappointed in her friend, and discovered that many of them had web-sites. So I went on a search for her and through the agency sites followed the links to reviews and ended up here. When I found this site, I registered immediately. I had found a group of kindred spirits, people who didn't look down on the ladies who worked in the sex industry. It was very refreshing to see this kind of attitude. I found it a to be a great place to share my experiences and to read those of others. It took me a while to attend my first GT but now I hate to miss them. I've met many board members since my first days here and now count some of them among my friends. My posting has decreased over the last while as I haven't been hitting the clubs anywhere near as much as I used to since the smoking ban, but I still enjoy reading the board and going to the GTs to catch up with old acquaintances and to meet new ones.

    And I never did find the lady I was searching for.
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    I found this board by accedent. What happened is that I use to see only SWs as these were the only Sps I knew of. I had heard of incall/outcall but had the image that these places were for the well endowed finacilly. In my mind only people with the money and/or connections from organized crime could find these types of places and of course the friendly politician.

    Than one day I was told by a friend to look at "The Mirror" for reviews on movies and up coming events in Montreal. While looking in "The Mirror" I noticed that there were pages of escort adds in the back and some were incall. Out of couristy, I called a place called "Tender Loving Care" and found that the price was only $100/hr MSOG and not the $5,000/hr price tag I had imagined.

    After trying out a few more incalls I noticed some agentcies had websites and so courisity got the best of me. I beleive it was "Montreal Escorts" if I'm not mistaking which had links to MERB and M**C. I clicked on the link and found a wealth of info and became educated on the sex scene including using Mars Bars as a bargining tool (Hay Olie), lol, and after lerking for a bit, became a member of the board. the rest is history and will be aired on the next eppisode of "60 minutes".
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    I was told about the board by a prominent member

    During a session, he showed me the website and I have been visiting it on and off ever since.


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    It was back in 2004, I was thinking of the idea of seeing an SP but never went thru with it. I found this site and registered. I remember seeing one of the escort sites with this russian girl and wanted more info about her.

    It was also the first time I heard about the GTs.

    Anyways 2 years later, I found this site again and I was like, hey I think I registered on this site.
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    Ck- I found this by searching Google a couple of years ago. I first found Perb for my Vancouver trips. The street scene was much better in Vancouver a couple of years ago, and the reports were dead on..I spent many nights trolling the streets of Vancouver, as the outcall and incall scene were very expensive vs Montreal.

    I then found Merb ( from the Perb site )..I had been coming to Montreal for many years, mainly on GP weekend. I knew only of Chez Paree. I did not even know of contact. dancing- what was that ??

    In the last 3 years, I have spent many a night preparing for my Montreal trips, using the reports of these members- I thank you all who contribute.

    I now have graduated in a way to Amsterdam( 6 times), Buenos Aires , hopefully FKK Germany this year.

    I post on both Amsterdam and Buenos Aires boards. As in both those boards, I find that the information gathered on these boards has been extremely helpful.

    Best Regards to all


    Clark- I passed White Manna yesterday

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    I accidently found this site while searching for porn on the web and somehow came across this site.

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    I 1st found out about this board... from another board .

    I was a member of the old Canbest board where I tried getting info on reliable ladies in MTL, I wasn't crazy about the Journal de Montreal agencies sending me just about any girl that was available with a total disregard for what or who I was looking for. This was the beginning of the SP internet days (well for me anyways...).

    Well soon after Canbest became a paying site (and it had become a total chaos anyways) so I moved on to TBD along with many other Canbest members. I didn't stay there very long. I hated the format and hated the moderation there. I read on that site I believe about Merb. I became a member a couple of months after its creation... and here we are 4 years later... how time flies

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    Through exchanges with fellows from old Canbest.

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    Well, I complained to a business client of mine how I am always on the road, never have time, far away from home etc. He kind of suggested that that might not be such a bad thing and that Montreal can be a lot of fun even when you don't have a lot of time to spent. We didn't really get into it further, but I became curious and looked it up on internet.

    Best thing that ever happened to me, since I probably would have never called an escort in Canada due to unfamiliarity with the process, safety concerns and generally not wanting to be ripped off (1 think I just can't stand!!!)
    This board really eased my mind, and now my Montreal business trips are so much more fun. The only negative think I can think of is that now I am considering vacationing in Montreal as well as opposed to Hawaii or Dubai

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