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Thread: I will need some advices as a newbie

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    I will need some advices as a newbie

    Hi Everyone,

    I`m thinking to try a SP for the first time of my life. It almost happens this saturday, but the ladie said she has her (``règles`` or menstruer). Sorry I don`t know how to say it in english.

    I`ve been single for one year and I didn`t have any sex. I pass my test and I`m clean. I never been with a really nice lady. I`m an average looking guy and I`m shy with women. My primary concern is disease, such herpes. I don`t plan to do DATY and . I will do instead a CBJ and maybe a DATY but with a latex cover on the Y.

    Another question, if I have sex by wearing boxer, should it help to avoid herpes? I will need a suggestion of some nice and clean ladies to meet. I like ladies with great boobs 34D-36C. Thanks,


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    Reminds me of the giant condom over the whole body in naked gun 2 (? not sure of the number)

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    You can get herpes from your longtime girlfriend, a "clean" SP or whatever...

    It happens that people are infected with this virus and not even knowing it.
    25% of adults are supposed to have herpes (with some variations)...and most of them will never have ANY symptoms.

    Cover yourself with proper tools (condom AND lube) and clean yourself afterward. A good SP will always let you use the shower BEFORE and AFTER moments of intense pleasure.

    Beside this, you have two options: Left or right hand.
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    Thanks for all those answers. I know, for some people it might seems dumb or funny to ask if it adds some protection by wearing underwear (boxer) during sex.

    But I think, I'll be dumber not to ask this question and leave in ignorance. In fact, it's NOT a dumb question. I'm not 100% sure if the virus can still get through clothes such a boxer during sex. Someone can answer this?

    I've met a girl three years ago who told me she had genital herpes when I was with her, in her bed. She gave me a blowjob without condom. She might pass me the virus, but I didn't notice any symptom since then.


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    I just want to say that I never use this service before, so I'm still thinking wether or not to use this service. I don't want to attack any SP by saying some are not clean and other yes. I'm still new to this, I apologize if some questions seems to be dumb or funny. I still do my homework and learning...


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    LordZeager, the only way 100% safe is your hands. It's up to you to define your comfort level regarding diseases, whatever they are HIV or herpes. Just think how much of a mood-killer your "psuedo protections" can be for you and the lady and weight if it's worth it to see an sp in these conditions.

    Thinking of it, even your hands aren't safe! What if you give a handshake to somebody who just had sex with somebody who had something and didn't wash! Not likely you'll catch something but... You weight the risks!

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    Thanks all,

    I will not do the wrong moves by asking those questions like ZoneAlarm said. I thought to ask those questions such do you have herpes just before having sex. Yes, I agree it will kill the mood. So I have to accept those risk even if all the precaution are taken.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoneAlarm
    basicly what where all saying is if your not willing to take risks your in the wrong hobby my friend. Also the worths thing you can do if you see a SP is ask her directly do you have HIV or STD's the following will happen she will slap you and leave or stay but you just killed the mood and you probably will just get a HJ lol.
    She's going to slap you?? Is she an SP or your girlfriend? I don't see anything wrong with asking. I'm sure she would like to know when was the last time you were tested.

    Lordzeager, I'm not sure if Herpes is avoidable if you plan on having sex with anyone unless you use a condom ALL the time for every sex act. It's kind of funny that you bring this up after you've already had sex with your ex girlfriend who had herpes. You probably have herpes yourself. I only have hsv-1 but I've had it since I was a kid. God only knows how I got it but it's awful. A friend has the same thing but rarely ever shows any symptons unlike me. He kissed his ex girlfriend for years and I'm sure she gave him countless bjs without a condom and he never got his own herpes. Not sure if she got any from him though.

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    Lordzeager, I'm not sure if Herpes is avoidable if you plan on having sex with anyone unless you use a condom ALL the time for every sex act. It's kind of funny that you bring this up after you've already had sex with your ex girlfriend who had herpes.

    I would like to mention that herpes can be catch EVEN if you put a condom. If the condom doesn't covered the infected area and it touch your jewel, you will get it.

    Also, I just had oral sex with my ex-girfriend. She took pills to reduce the occurence for a year. She only do me a blowjob once, but we just broke a few days later for x reason. I want to mention it's been three years of that. If I really have the herpes, I will already know it. Thanks,


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    I want to mention one thing, I realize that it's not a bad question to ask the SP if she got test recently. If I ask it to her, I will not be shy to tell me when I've got test. If you are honest and you show her respect, I really don't think you will get slap. Health it's so valuable, but sex is so good. But communication can make miracle!


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    Unhappy This guy could be for real!

    I once knew a guy that had never even seen a naked woman at the age of 28.

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