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Thread: what montreal resto has nicest(hottest0 waitress?

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    what montreal resto has nicest(hottest0 waitress?

    also have you picked up a montreal waitress ( in a resto of course)
    what circumstances?
    please tell us your experience...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobby11
    also have you picked up a montreal waitress ( in a resto of course)
    what circumstances?
    please tell us your experience...
    Time Supper Club. Lots of hotties working there on weekends

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    i date one from med grill and one from buena notte

    what about you guys...

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    Cool You could be very surprised!!

    a year ago, I've dated one hottie from Buena notte....She was cute, hot, smart.

    After couple of dates & more..., we had some very personnal discussion. Guess what! One of her confessions was: She used to work as a SP for couple of months. I was not that surprised, but it was quite a shock.

    Recently I've seen her on a very popular agency website.

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    wheres time supper club?

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    On Notre dame near Bonaventure.

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    Restaurant Sophia (Sofia ?!) on St-Laurent and Chez Rosalie on de la Montagne, I think they both share the same owner.

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    You can find the hottest waitresses at Globe. Especially during the Grand Prix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarathonMan
    On Notre dame near Bonaventure.
    It's actually on St-jacques. Corner of Rue de la Cathedrale and St-Jacques I think.

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    globe has the hottest waitress:-)

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    This website isn't the greatest or the most thorough, but it's the only one dedicated to waitresses in North America (mostly in clubs, though).

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    Buena Notte

    During my last trip to Montreal I checked out many of the restaurants on St Laurent such as the Globe and Buena Notte along with places on St Denis, Crescent and elsewhere. They all had some hot waitresses but for the sheer quantity of quality waitresses, Buena Notte wins hands down.

    For the bargain hunters out there who refuse to pay for quality appearance, you could try a Tim Hortons. Some of their waitresses only have zits on half their face. Or the run-down diners near St Catherine and elsewhere where the waitresses may be 60 years old, but their service is top notch.
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    Moomba super club in laval also has pretty waitresses on weekends.

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    I've dated two girls from pere gedeon (at different times of course...). Even tought they were very different they had that attraction to the sex industry. One I've heard is actually SPing around town and the other one just moved on an other restaurant. But I found lots of paralleles with my friend who was dating a stripper at the time: Different headaches but definitively heaaches.

    As for hottest spots, you definitely can't go wrong hanging around St-Laurent.

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