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Thread: Advice on Weather

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    Advice on Weather

    I am supposed to go to Montreal from Thursday to Sunday of this week. It is supposed to be really cold and a little snowy from NY to Montreal.

    I want to enjoy myself. I don't mind taking cabs to strip clubs and that sort of thing. My concern is that maybe the strippers and escorts might take a few days off if it is that cold. Is this a realistic concern, or is this type of weather just par for the course in Montreal. I'm debating postponing my trip/

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    We are expecting very low temperatures in montrela starting from tomorrow. Cold weather does not affect escorts (except those working in the street of course). as for strip clubs, cold weather could be beneficial, since less customers venture there in cold weather, and less customers means less competition and less competition means more nice girls for you.

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    Re: Weather

    I am not driving...I was going to take a bus. It is only a hour more than driving yourself. I know Bus Drivers are used to driving in the snow...particularly on routes they drive repeatedly.

    The temperature in Montreal is going to get as low as -24 degrees F. I know I can bundle up...but am I insane? Or should I just postpone the trip a few months.

    Plus, my fear is the strippers will figure no one else will be out so they will stay home. I guess escorts don't mind as much.

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    Don't be a travel wimp

    Taxis will be out. Strippers will be working. Escorts will be working.

    Wear your woolies. Bring long underwear. Wear a toque. Mittens. Gloves.

    Walk underground - that is what it is for.


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    It IS cold, but as others mentioned you'll find taxis everywhere.

    As for strip clubs, was at one last week with similar weather, the place had a good number of customers, and dancers like usual.
    One thing I noticed was that dancers seemed to start leaving a little earlier, so I would advise not getting there after 1AM.

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    It's unusually cold here in Mtl

    I can't believe how cold it is, to be frank. I've been here for the last 4 years and it's the first time i've seen it this cold, and i had been visiting for the previous 10 years.

    If you're set on driving, i suggest you make sure you car has a good block heater, or else you risk that your car won't start due to the cold weather. Oh yeah....don't forget to wear your long-johns!!

    JustaJohn (with his long-johns)

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    schools will be closed due to the temps , which i think is a first in history for boston

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    Cold weather


    Stop acting like sissies and face the cold weather.
    Stop complaining, get active and daty is always warm!!


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