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    Speeding Tickets

    I just want some advice is there any way of getting a reduction in points which is more inportant than the money,if you go to court,my coworker in Toronto always goes to court when he gets a speeding ticket and most of the time only pays the fine with no deduction in points, ANY HELP FULL ADVICE.

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    yes -- it's worth it depending on the exact circumstances. If you have no experience with this, or no good friend or familiy member who has done it before, then get one of those ex-cop ticket "lawyers" to help you. Some of them only make you pay if they get your ticket waived or reduced. If you think you were not treated fairly, it's worth the time and effort to fight it.


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    You don't need one of those traffic ticket guys if you are willing to do a little work yourself. They will do exactly what you will do: work out a lesser point plea. It is almost automatic and takes one or two phone calls to the traffic ticket prosecutor's office. All you have to do is ask for a reduction and let it be known that you have every intention of challenging the ticket (i.e. taking up valuable court time) if a good reduction can't be had.

    The traffic ticket agents claim that they "win" or it's free but in the small print it says winning is getting a reduction.

    If you want to totally beat the ticket that will take more work and reference to the many valuable suggestions found by searching the net.

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    I am me, too!
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    Got one reduced from 2 to 1 point by pleading to a lesser speed once. I called the procecutor office and said "I know I was a bit too fast but, certainely not that fast, and I can probably convince the judge about it. Why not save time and money and cut a deal?"
    His answer was almost automatic: he jumped on the occasion. I saved 1 points, didn't have to pay any procedural fees, and the ticket went down about $50.

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    Metoo thanks for the info...did any one here try S.O.S TICKETS.

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