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    What's the legal status of marijuana in Canada?
    And where can I get some in Montreal?
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    very confused status

    According to news reports, the issue of legality is being considered by Ontario's highest court. Previously the government was given time by the court to revise the law to provide for medical use, but several lower courts in ontario have held that because the government did not amend the law, that there is no valid law prohibiting possession of small amounts of pot. The police have been reluctant to follow the lower court rulings, but according to reports, Toronto cops are being told not to charge persons with possession of small amounts, but to take the information and evidence with an eye toward bringing charges later if the high court later reverses the rulings of the lower courts. I note that the current proposals "decriminalizing" possession of small amounts may still not satisfy the requirements imposed by the courts.

    As this is the montreal board, it has been my observation, based partially upon information from a young lady in montreal, that the police are not particularly interested in charging people with possession of small amounts of weed, as they have their hands full going after coke dealers and other drugs. If you go off the island, though, the local police may not share the same attitude. So be careful. It is readily available on the streets, and personally I have been asked when walking after dark on St. Catherine east. There are some areas that are notorious for dealing, but I wouldn't want to identify any particular area. Look around, and I'm sure you can find what you seek.

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    This is a different pot question.

    What about mentioning in reviews when you smoke pot with an agency girl? Could this get her in trouble with her boss?

    Personally, I'd be interested in knowing which girls will get high with a customer. But does revealing this mean any risk for a girl's job?

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    Customers are paying for "functional girls" not "stunned and confused" people. It is very off-putting to be with a girl who apparently has to be so stoned or drunk or whatever to be able to spend any time with you. That tends to take the starch out of the old noodle quickly.

    I don't think specifying what sort of substances you consumed together is a plus or minus in a review, in a sense no different from "had a drink to relax". Many girls won't step over that line, trying to keep things professional and functional. There are enough weird people out there that most of them want to be alert enough to take care of themselves if issues come up.

    As Oliver mentioned, it isn't a big secret that street girls are mostly in a cycle of "suck and shoot up", basically turning tricks to support ever more expensive drug habits. It is amazing, in my mind, than most of the girls are even functional let alone enticing sexually. More importantly, you have to consider always that risk factors go up dramatically for illness when you start dealing with needle drug users. While it can (and has already) been said that you can never know what your SP was doing just before you got there, it is pretty obvious than most street girls are hooking for drugs - your risk as a result goes up a whole bunch.

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    Stripper Lover, you grouch -- My question is serious, since at least one of the most popular agencies specifies that its girls won't arrive for a date on drugs.

    What one customer likes (weed and a stoned girl) another customer may dislike. Which is why Canbest had posts by guys complaining about weed-smoking girls and proclaiming they didn't want any near them. Which is why I'd like to gauge the atmosphere a bit before saying whether an agency girl and I smoked something.

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    I have had girls ask if I minded if they smoked a j while waiting for their ride. I think weed is treated pretty nonchalantly. If you want to share for the social value, then it can't hurt to ask if she would like to indulge, and I suspect some would gladly partake and some would decline. It is similar to when I have a bottle of wine, or some beer available. Some will want wine, some beer, some water, and some will not want anything. None would be upset by the invitation. Be respectful, and if it bothers them, as cigarette smoke might bother some people, wait until later. If it's important for you to catch a buzz before your session, I suggest smoking a bit before she arrives.

    I personally wouldn't post information regarding particular girls' actions in this regard, but that's just my opinion. You can't be sure what their agency's attitude might be.

    This reminds me of another point... When they have smoked, I've noticed that it seems to be the local custom to mix weed and tobacco. I asked why, and they said it was because the local weed is too moist, or as they say "humid", to smoke on its own.

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    That's interesting about the "humid" pot. I haven't found that problem with the local stuff, and I have found people mixing tobacco and weed in places besides Montreal. The explanation they've always given me is that the nicotine kicks the stuff thru your system faster.

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    Lightbulb just say know

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    You da man, after reading dozens of your posts I finally got your name... as funny as your stories. I'd think you were full of crap but what you say is always so dead on. Moralism may have its place somewhere but the lack of it in your posts combined with your realism is a sign of true intelligence imho. Cheers & keep it coming.

    I have a warning for any American potheads partaking in the Montreal weed. Use Caution! I completely agree with what porn2bwild says above. The stuff is STRONG up here. If you like to get blitzkrieged then whatever but if you like to get a nice buzz before banging bush and you also want to take the sweet mammories home then take ONE hit at a time relatively slowly. One hit might be enough, even for bigshots. Trust me, I have friends that lost whole days up here, a waste in my opinion with so many other things to get into. Party on...

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    Bringing an old thread back to life, anyone know a good dealer who delivers in the Ville St Laurent area. PM me details if so, thanks!

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    4 posts and such a direct request... I would be hesitant to say the least...

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    Not just 4 posts, but 4 posts since 2003 Seems to be a very trustworthy person so I'll help him out.

    I suggest you call your local police station. They should have exactly the info you need as they are usually quite up to date on all the local dealers.

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