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Thread: Number One Reason Why I Think I'm getting too Old for the Hobby

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    Number One Reason Why I Think I'm getting too Old for the Hobby

    I have to use my walker to do standing doggie.

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    ROFLMAO!!!!!! hahahhihihihehehehe

    Good one!!!!!


    P.S. This is when you opt for cow-girl!
    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    I have more pube's than hair on my head and they are all white. With my failing eyesight, it takes way too long to shave them and I fall asleep in the shower with the razor in my hand and wake up to the burning sensation of the dried shaving creme on my groin region......... just to start again with the same results......... and to awaken when the SP knocking loudly on my door. Sometimes they just leave screaming when they see the unfinished Don King buzz job that I have done on my pubes! So girls, please cut a old man some slack......... if I look like I am in a daze, undressed & the bathroom is a mess..... when you see that my pubes look like they have been hacked with a weedwacker......... please offer to help me finish the job!

    Or maybe I am getting too Old for the Hobby?

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    Hey Naughty Lady. Let's get these sexual toys right. The walker is for standing doggie. The wheel chair is for reverse cowgirl. The Sps think they are the only ones with toys.

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