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Thread: Numbing sprays, etc

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    Numbing sprays, etc

    ED pills are all well and good, but what can I buy to last longer?

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    a) Bang ugly women.

    b) I used this stuff once; it works, but sometimes too well where you don't blow your load at all. It's worth a few tries.

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    Try a few shots of Jack Daniels, that will numb your cock and the rest of your body too. This is what they did in the Civil War when morphine was not available to anesthesize the patient prior to the amputation of a limb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenmachine
    ED pills are all well and good, but what can I buy to last longer?
    Let me get this, your problem is that you blow your load too quickly with SP's? Easy fix, make sure to get GFE girls that allow MSOG. Take care of her in other ways and enjoy your quick release.

    I, like a lot of others here, have the complete opposite problem. Takes forever to blow our loads...Age will take care of that early release problem better then any drug out there

    Or you could always do what 007 suggested, Ugly chicks. Nothing says I love you like doing a beast
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    Drink a lot of water ahead of time and resist the urge to urinate until after you come. You quickly forget you have to pee and the pressure seems to deaden sensations, but once you are ready to cum it feels just as good - actually better because you can choose to make the final few minutes of pleasure last until you decide it is time.

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    take a viagra

    it will delay your ejaculation...its not a joke
    its a well known side effect of viagra so u stay hard for a looooooooong time

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    Quote Originally Posted by bond_james_bond
    a) Bang ugly women.
    That truely works and it last long..way too

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    where can u buy viagra in montreal? without a prescription? online? using paypal? online with paypal is good.
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    Drink 2 or 3 beers before the girl shows up, that should ensure that you go the distance!

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    This may sound funny, but many antidepressants are known to cause delayed orgasm in men.
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