This is not meant to be disrespectful in any way.

When are you going to do something more permenant about Robertpal? Yesterday he started a thread under another new alias. He was revealed very quickly and even sent PMs to myself and at least one other poster about it. That thread seems to have disappeared now. Today it looks like he has started another thread, under yet another alias. I believe you mentioned that you could report his IP, and basically get him banned from this site. This guy has to be the biggest waste of oxygen on the planet. If you can take more severe action against him, please do.

Robertpal, I know you're reading this, laughing at everybody. But I'll tell you something, for what it's worth. The joke isn't ON you, it IS you. I won't reveal the exact contents of yesterday's PM, except to say that you came off as a snivelling little child. Don't you have anything better to do than post nonsense, inflamatory remarks, or just plain BS on review boards? You really are pathetic. Grow up, get a life, whatever. Just stop wasting people's time here.

Mods, if I have overstepped any boundaries, broken any rules, or just plain offended you, please delete this thread, and my profile.