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Thread: Hotel @ Airport

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    Hotel @ Airport

    Is there a hotel connected to the airport in Montreal? I know there are several very close, but I was wondering if any of them are part of the structure (walkable) as there are in Toronto or Vancouver?

    Thanks very much - KK

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    Nothing really walkable yet. There is a Hilton right at the entrance to the airport but you really need to take the shuttle to get to it. And of course, if you're going to take a shuttle, there are about a dozen off property (most major chains) that are about a five minute shuttle ride away

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    Thanks man. Just trying to save some time on a quick in & out this week.

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    Hilton is the closest but as Voyageur said, not really walkable distance...

    Air Canada send all their flight staff who are away from home there.

    The shuttle run quite often or on demand if there's not enough peoples. It start early to accomodate Air Canada staff.

    The hotel isn't bad. Old but it's a Hilton so not bad. Didn't see Paris there though...

    There's a Residence Inn/Courtyard not too far also.

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    They are currently building a hotel in the terminal, aren't they?

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