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Thread: Downtown Motels...

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    Downtown Motels...

    Hey guys, I need some quick help...

    There's this girl that I am "seeing" now who doesn't have her own place, and I know she really really want to "do it". So my problem is that I don't really know the motels that well (since all my past "engagements" have places of their own).

    I need a place that's in a nice neighborhood (please, not infested with gangsters and/or druggies); under 50 bucks (for a minimum of 2-3 hours); preferrably with a DVD player in the rooms (so I can bring her there to "watch some DVD").

    She wants to hang out again tomorrow, quick help would be nice.

    Thanks in advance, guys...

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    Book on Priceline. People have been getting 3 stars for $50.

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