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Thread: North Canada Sp Info

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    North Canada Sp Info

    I Know Of Merb,, And Perb (covers Bc To Manitoba),, Where Can I Get Info On Sp's In Yukon, Nw Territories, And Nunavut?

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    LMAO. I don't think there are any there.

    For example, the most populous city in Yukon is Whitehorse at 21K.

    In Montreal, the population is 1.6 Mil, with an estimated 3000 SPs.

    3000/1.6 Mil = 0.001875

    0.001875 * 21000 = 39

    Adjusting for cultural differences and market forces, I don't think you would come up with anything or anything that would be publicly available.

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    This is the closest thing to an SP I managed to find in Nunavut:

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    yeah i knew the places were a lot less populated (a lot of the reason im thinking about going,, but not that much,, and i figured there was only so many oil pumping and igloo making jobs out there thats the next top job would be sp! ,, but seriously yukon is dead as u say and juding from ziggys comment so isnt nunavut(i had figured that one with the indian name),, is the NW territory any better?

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    not only is the pop of whitehorse 21k (actually a little less),, but that 21k represents 75% of yukons whole population!!! ,, i realize how idiotic my question was now,, i knew it was arctic and indians in igloos in northern canada but i thought that was waaayy up near the north pole,, i assumed the southern sections on these provinces were like us (meaning northern ny and montreal etc.)

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    nanuvut was an even dumber idea for sps,, its capital city isnt even on the mainland,, its on a huge island semi- close to greenland!!!!

    Nunavut is both the least populated and the largest of the provinces and territories of Canada. It has a population of only 29,474[1] spread over an area the size of Western Europe. If Nunavut were a sovereign nation, it would be the least densely populated in the world: nearby Greenland, for example, has almost the same area and twice the population.[6]

    probably no news to u guys but im amazed at my lack of knowlege of canada
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    ziggy i dont live up there i just want to visit up there,, but pussy and beer are usually the focus of all my trips,, i was just wondering if it were possible up there,, as i stated i thought the southern parts of these places would be like us,, but less populated,, i had no idea the WHOLE NORTH OF CANADA WAS A WASTELAND,, at the same time a little boom boom with an eskimo in an igloo in nanuvut would be a story i would be proud to boast to the boys on merb about,, as long as she was hot of course

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    hers a pic of nanuvuts capital,,, i cant beleive all of montreals sp's arent flocking here!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Don't they have a saying up North? You don't you lose your lover, you only lose your turn.
    Amantes sunt amentes.

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    I've been up there to Iqaluit twice for business. What I noticed is that the bar at the main hotel and the local legion hall are both quite busy during the evenings. I thought I saw some young Inuit girl asking the staff at the legion whether a particular customer 'needs' her that night. Don't know about any SPing, even on the side but I know that the locals sure like to drink.

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