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Thread: 2nd Snowiest Winter in Montreal?

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    2nd Snowiest Winter in Montreal?

    As if this winter in Montreal hasn't been tough enough, another heap of snow is on its way.

    Two to four centimetres of snow is in the forecast this evening and tomorrow morning, followed by a good dump, possibly 15 centimetres, on Wednesday.

    After a one-day break, it could well start snowing again on Friday for another three days.


    So far this winter, Montreal has received 273 centimetres of snow - just 20 centimetres shy of the record set in 1971, said René Héroux, a meterologist with Environment Canada.

    This month alone, Héroux said, it has snowed 18 of the past 24 days.

    Gotta give you Montreallers credit for dealing with the stuff.
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    It still seems it was worse when I was a kid.

    We are suppose to be close to the record now, it will not take much to surpass it. It does not seem as bed as it was years ago. Could it be that when it took weeks to clean up the snow 25 years back we did not complain so much. I remember walking home from school in the snow, it seemed that the sidewalks and even the road ways were not cleaned up as much and as fast as they are being cleaned up now.

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    Hey Mr Peterman...

    Can I ask you what kind of rubber is on your vehicle this winter.

    Mine- 2006 Scion Xb- Bridgestone Blizzak

    Too bad I am based in NYC area, with hardly any snow this year !!!

    Best Regards


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    Quote Originally Posted by smuler
    Too bad I am based in NYC area!!!

    Your discomfort is fully logical. Please accept our sincere condolences.

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    I also have Blizzaks on one of my cars and Dunlop Graspics on another, they both preform as well. I guess I will have to push them to the limit to determine which one is better, but I will not do that unless I have to. On my lower priced front wheel drive car that I use mostly in the winter I have a set of winter Goodyear brand tires from Canadian Tire, they have realy good grip for the low price, but they are a little noisy.

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