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    Unhappy question help

    Just a question r u guys not afraid of catching any std's or hiv ? because my friend had a bachelors party and girls came to the party for fun and now i feel like i got something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by megalos
    Just a question r u guys not afraid of catching any std`s or hiv ? because my friend had a bachelors party and girls came to the party for fun and now i feel like i got something.
    Are you the same as the the guy who wrote this:
    Is this a seasonal tendency to spread this fear again and again on the forum?
    Or are there some sps who caught stds and we should be aware about?
    Or are you an sp who`s fed up of providing GFE services?
    I`m thankful to you because you are warning us against potential issues,
    but (1) If there are ladies out there spreading STDs, pls flag their agencies and hopefully the agencies will work together to avoid that lady working on spreading her STD (2) I`ve seen Gents catching STDs from supposedly very reliable GFs...not that this should excuse non protection, but it reminds us that even in calm waters you may get it (3) A responsible Gent should know that if he has STD and voluntarily spread it, that`s a criminal act!

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    Megale, you have to be safe no matter who the girl is.

    Go get yourself checked out before its too late
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    Angry help

    just need to talk to someone im afraid what r the chances of catching something from a bj with no safe.

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    If you're worried, check the health thread on this site.

    You won't contract HIV from a BJ, and you won't contract it from protected sex. Period.

    Check out the health thread.

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    I am a idiot.

    If I thought I had something I would not ask for percentages from anyone that was not a doctor. Unless, I was hoping that the percentage was 0%........ all forms of sex involve risk, so I do not believe that it is ever going to be 0%......... unless you are talking about wacking off in a peep show, by yourself, with your own very clean hand with a sterile glove on for safe measure.

    If there is even a 1% chance, that means there is a chance. As a idiot, I recommend you go to a real doctor and have it checked out before you die or spread it to all of Montreal & the world. As a idiot, I would not believe anything I read on the internet from people who I don't even know their real names or what their medical training is.

    Hey, but as I said, I am a idiot, so please keep asking what your chances are and taking everyone's advice, because most likely they know much more than I do. More than one member seems to know everything about everything and that is much better than seeing a real doctor............

    C'mon man think about it do you really think a real doctor would give you a answer without giving you a exam? Call one. Do you think they are going to say, nah you are "perfectly safe" without knowing if you are even telling the truth about what you did with a woman that you don't know? Or if that is even relevant to your condition?

    The questions about your health at this site are great before you see a SP, but worthless after the fact. What you need is real medical advice that you are only going to get from a real doctor after they see you. You may not have a STD, but you may have something worse like some new virus, that you got from some tourist that you recently met briefly, your answer is only going to be as good as the information that you give. Think about this, call a auto mechanic on the phone and tell him, I gave a fat girl a ride home from school and now my car makes this kind of noise bbbbrrappp-bbbbrrappp(not a real recording of the car noise, just make the sounds with your mouth). If he is nice he will tell you to bring the car in....... if he is not so nice he will laugh and hangup on you. Which is what we all should do, we cannot realistically give you any advice on any medical problems, none of us has even seen you or your SP.

    If you are unable to get to medical help. Just pray and go to real medical Q & A sites, not SP review sites.

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