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Thread: need your opion

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    need your opion

    hi all
    i just back from the monster spectacular at the big o.
    the first thing that i didn't think was right when the sang O Canada it was only in french. i know at all sporting events,it is in bilin.
    that next thing i found very distracting was when the show was going on
    they put some of the hockey game on the big screen.i though it was not fair to the guys doing the act.
    there was a performer their with a Boston flag on his truck,some fool ran down onto the floor and took it off his truck and broke it. the people cheer him put the securtiy guys got him.
    i am not a habs would he like it,if he had one of those habs flag on his car and someone would take it off and break it.

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    Moi ce que je ne comprends vraiment pas, c'est pourquoi il se plaint que c'etait que en francais. Vue comment il ecrit, l'anglais n'est pas sa langue maternelle, alors il devrait etre content!

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    Alex Kovalex

    engoument de hockey tel que je ne pourrais pas m en passer j envie m acheter un chandail #27 canadien. qlq un me donne le nom des boutiques qui vendrent ces articles please ? J aurais du m en achater un au centre bell il y a 1 mois, mais je me disais, p-e acheter a l exterieur coute moins chere...
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    le prix est pareil partout. Tu peux aller a la boutique du canadien, ou a la capsule sportive.

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    Question what?

    can someone translate what has been said.
    first thing is
    it was a perfomer in the show who had the bruins flag on his truck.who give the guy from the stands the right to jump onto the field and break the flag.
    second is
    if you were at the hockey game,and then they would show another sport event on the screen,it wouldn't be fair to the teams playing the game
    the final thing is
    don't tell me that the person who sang O'Canada never heard it in the biling.
    if you would be that person don't you think you would learn the biling

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    Almost coherent.

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    I am me, too!
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    If only I knew...
    The "O Canada" in french? Did you know it was composed in French originally? Did you know Québec was still part of Canada? Did you know that event was held in Québec" Did you know the majority is French in Québec? Did you know not all other events in Canada, who plays the "O Canada", let's say in Vancouver, Regina or Toronto, don't have it "bilingual"? Maybe all this explains why the "O Canada" was in French?

    The guy having his Bruins flag ripped-off and broken, that was classless. That wasn't ok. But same could have happened in Toronto.

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    Anthem in french only, cool with me!
    Boston flag ripped off, wrong, but sadly "common" testosterone behaviour of sport events world wide...
    Et moi aussi je parle le bilingue! No hard feelings!

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