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Thread: Anyone ever gotten NGU?

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    Anyone ever gotten NGU?

    NGU is non-gonococcal urethritis. It is an inflammation of the urethra from "something" foreign than has passed back up the urethra. I found that I am susceptible to this from condoms that come with spemicide in the receptacle tip. It's not an STD, just a reaction to something that passes back up the urethra.

    I experienced it this past winter with an SP who had spermicidal condoms. The symptoms are STD-like - feels like you're pissing razor blades. I got checked out and was diagnosed with it - again, not an STD. It went away in about 10 days but BOY!! Urinating was a new experience in pain for those 10 days.

    Anyone else ever experience this?
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    Did you get a ?

    I know of one bc escort who gave a few of her gentlemen friends NGU. It turns out she had Chlyamida in her throat, and apparenty that can cause NGU.

    I'm not saying it wasn't the spermicide condoms - but since the spermicide is on the outside, I'm not really sure how that would create problems for the male.

    Glad it cleared up for you ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by juzt_a_girl
    You know, I don't know if that's a really bad marketing strategy or you just mixed the web addresses up, but that 'BC escort' in your story links to your website.

    Is she saying she is the BC Escort?? Like you say, bad marketing!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JacknJill
    poor guy, nobody really cares about his concern...

    Right, poor guy, he is "pissing razor blades". Ouch!!!
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    Well... The post was edited and the link was removed, but no reply and no explanation. I think that explains who was sporting a little throat chlyamidia.

    Reminds me of when you go to the doctor to ask for advice about a problem that "your friend" is having...

    Doctor.... ummm.... this friend of mine has an.... ummmm... an unusually large penis. etc etc....


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