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Thread: Montreal airport workers busted again

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    Montreal airport workers busted again

    Authorities say airports are safe, despite the fact employees with access to restricted areas have now been caught twice in two years smuggling cocaine through Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

    "People should not worry," said RCMP Inspector André Lemyre, who is in charge of border security. "The RCMP and their partners work together to dismantle organized crime, and by doing this, it's more secure."

    Again, employees from Cara Airline Solutions were arrested as part of ring smuggling cocaine through the airport in Dorval. Three Cara employees were among eight people arrested yesterday in early morning raids.

    In November 2006, 10 employees working for food services companies, among them, Cara, were arrested for smuggling cocaine. Cara employees, and any employee granted access to a restricted area, must have security clearance, which requires a criminal background check, said Maryse Durette, a spokesperson for Transport Canada. She said Transport Canada is constantly reviewing airport security measures and won't necessarily revise them in light of yesterday's arrests.

    Six people face charges of importing drugs and conspiracy to import drugs. They are: Montreal residents Jorge Hernan Vargas, 33; Antonio Giancola, 41; Mohammed Sheikh, 34; Antonio Sciortino, 41; Emmanuel Costa, 41; and Le Gardeur resident Dickens Jolicoeur.

    Police said the 16 kilograms of cocaine they seized were transported on three separate flights in 2007 and 2008 originating from the Dominican Republic. They can't say how the drugs got on the planes, but they believe the Cara employees helped unload the drugs here. The drugs that were seized were found in a suitcase, in an overhead baggage compartment and in a garbage bag unloaded from an airplane.

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    The security clearance does remove "known rotten apples" but can't help against the attraction to money some "honest" (read "never convicted") peoples have.

    Cara employees in airports aren't making a fortune, that's a given. Some "weak links" can then be corrupted easily: for an interesting sum of money, somebody who's "clean" can do dirty work without raising suspicion, until he's cough.

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    They just don't train drug mules they way they used to... What a sad day for all corrupt airport workers on the take. At least we still have dirty longshoremen at the ports. Those guys know how to accept a bribe and get the job done right!


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    I hate to burst your bubble, but a guy getting paid $8/hour has pretty much the same incentive as a guy getting paid $11/hour to steal from the register.

    If you want to stop the stealing you put a camera over the register.

    The money you saved (by not increasing the hourly wages) would pay for this surveillance system in one month and the system itself will ensure that you do not get taken for a ride by your employees.

    I would also tell them that if they get caught stealing, losing the job will be the least of their problems. Anyone who has a problem working a cash register with a camera on them should find another job. That would be serious red flag!

    If your theory made sense then why would we see so many white collar criminals (getting paid anything from $100,000 to "sky's the limit") still stealing left and right from their companies... No matter what some people make, they will always want more and be willing to steal it.

    my 2 cents.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Dover
    No matter what some people make, they will always want more and be willing to steal it.

    BD politicians frequently illustrate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joelcairo politicians frequently illustrate.
    And... CEOs

    I have seen enough of closing in my business at the last minute with the cash suddenly gone...

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    Guess what, people should worry. The ADM security is looked after montreals X chief of Police. He was terrible then, how could he be good now.He cant.Security should be given to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) ! Not to a sub-contractor .

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    I guarantee that none of this would ever have happened had Julie Couillard's security company won the contract for the airport.

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    Dorval Airport, just like every other major airport in Canada, is on FEDERAL land. ADM, GTAA, etc, are just "running" them. Security on federal property, excluding military installations, should be the responsibility of the RCMP. Not a bunch of retired ex-cops and police tech wannabe's working for peanuts because their employer was the lowest bidder.
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