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Thread: Implications of lower prices. (MP and SP)

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    Implications of lower prices. (MP and SP)

    Has the Walmart happy face been slashing prices in the Montreal MP and SP scene? In the last little while, MP and SP prices seem to have been sliding. What are the implications of these lower prices on the MPs and SPs, what are the implications for we consumers of these services? Will these lower prices stay? The North American economy seems to be locked in the same place, while the FED has cut interest rates twice this year. (one more cut historicaly is a sign that the economy will go into a tail spin.) I was told by a guy that operated an escort service before chistmas that he had 15 girls and that he was getting just 6 or 7 clients a day. Another escort service operator told me that all of his older girls ( over 35 ) were leaving because there is no demand for them. He told me that many of them put their own ads to get clients. I know that many girls in the MP business set themselves up as independants, will the low prices cause many to become independants?

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    Dr. Evil,

    there is absolutely nothing to be gleaned from the softening of prices on the lower end of the market other than the otherwise poor folks who patronize that market are even poorer these days.


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    I have had very monetarily attractive offers made me recently by two "known" HDHs. I don't think their phones are ringing off the hook.

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    Welcome back EBS! Where have you been hiding for so long?


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    Dr. Evil,

    Do you think the falling prices are also due to the falling US dollar?
    Now, she should be good-looking, but we're willing to trade looks for a certain... morally casual attitude.

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    The falling U.S. dollars influences everything we do in Canada as well as in the rest of the world to some degree. The U.S. dollar has remained high for so long and has caused the encomonies of North America to change. All of the low paying manufacturing jobs are gone to third world countries. Some people may complain that this is not a good thing, but these are jobs that we in north america do not want or will not take. Just visit your local dollar store, all the goods that are available there are much lower in price than you would have paid 20 or 30 years ago. Our standard of living is enhanced by such low priced goods, but we have to pay a price for these convienences.
    Supply and demand is the reason that MP and SP prices are being lowered. Taboo in being in the sex trade today is much less than years ago. Today the women in the sex trade range from CGEP or university girls doing SP work to pay for their education to, house wives setting up a new home or business after going through divorce. There are more single person households out there than in the pass, it makes it easier for these women to do their SP or MP work than if they had a husband or family.
    Just as an example of where I think this "boom and bust cycle" is going. Take for the example of the tech boom of the late 90s. Internet geeks were in great demand, you all have heard stories of these people getting hundres of thousand of dollars to work for internet start ups. After the "Dot Com Bust" there were many of these people without work. Either they started up their own little companies to meet demands in a neiche market or if they could get work with the remaining internet companies they worked for a much lower salary than they had been getting.
    While I do not think that there will be a SP and MP melt down as had happened to the DOT COMs, The MP and Sp business will consolidate itself. I can only guess that you might see more independant MPs that offer massages with HJ included in the hourly rate. The lowest price for SP services now is $100/hour, so you might see it lowered to $80. Thats just my guess!

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    It is true that prices have gone down in the last few months. Some agencies are offering, in JDM, a 1 hour service for 90 $ or even 75 $ (like super choix and coyote city...). These are very low-level agencies though. I don't know if this is due to bad economy or to competition. New agencies are created on a regular basis (others also go out of business on a regular basis).

    Assuming this is due to the economy, will it affect the HDH agencies on the long-run? It seems that most of the HDH SPs clientele consists of tourists. If you are coming to Montreal for business or just to relax, you would like to make your trip memorable in every aspect. you will not have a room in the Hilton and go for a Low-level escort. If the financial situation of some of these tourists starts to be shaky, they will just refrain from coming to Montreal and not keep coming to montreal to see low-level SPs (low-level SP means that the price is low and not that the SP herself is low-level, a necessary clarification). For locals the situation is different. It might surprise you, but there are also people living in Montreal who make good money and see SPs from time to time. I guess if one of these persons goes into financial trouble, then he will sooner or later cut his hobying budget. In this case he will either continue seeing HDHs but less frequently or switch to low-level SPs, keeping the same frequency. I would say, that the second situation is more likely. As when you loose your job, your need for affection will get higher, and you will just need some human wormth more frequently.

    For the LDL vs. HDH debate, I don't think that all the people who sometimes criticize the high prices of HDHs are jealous. Being poor (i.e. having an incmoe of less than 150000$) is not a crime and not something that sb should be ashamed of. I know some rich people who are real jerks and poor people who are smart . Many locals here though not having billions in their bank accounts (including myself) can afford to see a HDH SP at the same time basis as any american tourist (after all they come here just a few times a year). I would say that many locals see SPs once every 2 weeks or even weekly (or maybe more frequently). So, in comparing the hobying budget of both categories over time, I don't know who is spending more money on hobying. So why "poor" people don't go for HDHs? after a quick brainstorming, I've got these possibilities :

    1- A lack of self-esteem : I am poor and I don't deserve that girl.

    2- Not attracted to barbie-doll girls (speaking for myself, this is one of my main reasons, I prefer next-door girls, I am not attracted to girls in their early twenties as I am still young and has nothing to prove to myself either sexually or physically, maybe that will change in the coming 20 years).

    3- The fear that the SP will provide a poor service when she sees you. after all, you're not rich and poor people deserve poor services. This is not a lack of self-esteem but being realistic.

    To close up, thinking that money brings pleasure is just an illusion. The real pleasure you will have it with your loving wife or gf, and that pleasure is priceless. Many "poor" people are happier than rich people. And I hope that we will not have to say one day "Tell me who you fuck, I will tell you who you are". We are fed up with these silly social discriminations. Sorry for being so frank (mean?).
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    I have to agree with both Sophia and Maylee. Who you are and what you do are most important. I once postponed a date simply because I was tired and felt that I couldn't give my all. I have refused dates for the same reason. I think that is one of the reasons my clients like me and come back again. They know that they will always get my best. Age and looks have less to do with it than I ever imagined before I got into the business. Some men prefer skinny, others a little more solid, and still others prefer a big girl. Some like little breasts others, extremely large, and others don't care. Some like young women, others prefer a woman with some maturity. It takes all kinds. Before I started I thought I was too old, too short, and too small breasted...I am glad I was wrong!

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    Just observing lower prices in the market!

    While it is true that the MP and SPs that provide a good service and value for money will always be in demand, there are always thoes that are new or have not built up a sufficient clientel. The Biz seems to be saturated with people that have been in the biz for a long time, people that were in the biz and are now coming back into it and the new ones that are just getting into it now. While there is a large demand for these services there is also a large and growing supply. If you have read the other threads, other MERB memebers confirm my observation in the MP biz. I have also seen this trend in the SP biz. Hornyboy007 points out that there are agencies offering service for $90 and $75, while I have seen ads for $120 for 1.5 hours. These are all indications that competition is fierce. The economy might not look too bad at the moment but I think that after the american elections we are in for a rough ride. So, batten down the hatches, me maities!!!!

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    It is no only my observations that confirm that the prices are being lowered out there for MPs as well as SPs. See the other post "Times are tough out there" . Mostly it is the independants that are giving discounts. There are also agencies that offer lower prices or more time for the same amout of money. If you see an ad for BMW escorts they offer more time for the same amount of money that the other agencies. Another agency complained that these places are run by black guys and do not care about the girls.
    One thing I am concerned about is if a place is offering better service or lower prices the other MPs or SPs might harrass these places with threats or they might call up and make appointments and waste the time of these women. I will just have to caution other MERB members that exposing these places might put them out of business.
    On the matter of LDL vs HDH, I have found that some that claim to be HDHs are sometime a cheap imitation of the real thing. Sometimes LDLs are in it part time to make ends meet and they are sometimes quit charming and are fun to be with. Your mileage might vary in both HDH or LDL experiences. A real turn off is a HDH that acts like she is doing you a favor. A realy turn on is a LDL treats you like an king. The terms LDL and HDH only refer to the dollar amount requested for the service. You realy do not know what your getting till its all over.

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    List prices don't tell the whole story!

    I don`t know what`s happening in Montreal, but I`ve been keeping a very close eye on the Boston market, and I`m convinced things are softening...

    In a market in which there are mutiple distribution channels -- i.e., like the LDL and HDH agencies of Montreal -- list prices don`t tell the whole story. As economists will gladly tell you, ``Prices are sticky.`` (They`ll happily tell you because it`s one of the few things they can agree on.)

    Prices creep up as market conditions improve, but rarely do they creep back down. No one likes to lower prices. But everyone has to deal with softening markets. One key way to do that is by shifting distribution channels. Retailers can sell their premium products on an unlabeled basis through volume distributors without cannibalizing their primary channels.

    Another way is by discounting from list for price-sensitive customers (and those with clout). The list prices themselves remain fixed, but fewer and fewer customers are actually paying them. Or prices stay fixed, but agencies get more flexible about extra time, particularly for multi-hour appointments... Or they are more proactive about giving a free hour or a future discount if service is not up to snuff. There are many ways to lower the cost of the service without lowering the list price.

    Having watched (with great interest) the thread about Alissa`s Frederique -- in which she was reported to be escorting on the side through Cashmere and Asservisante -- I wonder if there is a similar shift in distribution channels occurring in Montreal. Even if prices are generally constant, is more of the business flowing through lower-priced agencies? Are some ladies selling a greater fraction of their hours at these LDL and mid-range prices, rather than at the HDL prices they may have been getting previously?

    I don`t know the reality, but from the discussion on the boards, I have to believe that some -- perhaps much! -- of this may be going on... I know for myself that when I was in Montreal in November, I saw two HDH ladies -- one from IN and one from The companions. On my last trip in March, I saw one lady from Satin Dreamz (in the LDL to mid-range). How many men like me are there out there, changing the dynamics of the market, one session at a time?

    Have fun, MG (Boston)

    P.S. In a market with high concentration (i.e., a few major competitors), when prices do fall, they tend to fall precipitously... The HDH agency market may qualify as a relatively concenrated market (at least that`s what Emma was hoping in starting FKS). May we all hold our breath and wish!
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    I do not know if you live in Montreal or Boston. I can tell you that in Montreal the economy is quit differnt than in a major Metropolitan US city. We do not have the large population as exist in the states. The market is softening in Montreal not just in the sex trade but in all sectors of the economy. The weakened US dollar has push up the Canuck Buck, there are less exports to the state and around the world.
    HDH agencies offer young girls, they are more expensive thus making them more exclusive. There is a little secret that most HDH agencies will not tell you, the same girls often work for other agencies that charge much less. The LDL agencies hire less attractive and older women, the rate might be fron $99 to $140 for these girls. Many of them are part timers, or students. When the agencies do not call these girls to service clients they often set up their own ads and see clients independently.
    I think that the North american economy is in big trouble, but no one is willing to admit it from both the Canadian and American governments due to the upcoming elections in both countries.

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    when will we have "Le choix du president escorts"?

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    Please review your assesment of Montreal; do you indeed live in Montreal.
    Nothing has changed in this City, if you had dreams of Montreal ever becoming a bigger player in the economy, you have missed a quarter of a century! the very least...or you always voted PQ!!!
    Montreal is a very small City by world standard and we have to accept that. Escorts in Montreal are and have always been so affordable compared to anywhere else (may be except Quebec City!! and Thailand). have you ever tried an SP in NY or London or Paris in the 70s or 80s for that matter, you should compare prices!!!
    With due respect.

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