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Thread: Summer time and moving

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    Summer time and moving

    With the new gas prices it seems moving prices are higher this summer.Anybody had a pleasant and relatively cheap moving and experience and can name a good bunch of movers?

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    Moving advice.

    I did not move this year, but if you need to move here is some good advice. Try to move as much as you can before and after July 1, Movers and truck rentals are easier to get after and before July 1. There are some truck companies that will rent you a driver and truck only for $30. an hour. ( thay may hike the rates up at moving time. One name I see all the time is Alaine Tremblay, their trucks advertise $30 an hour.

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    J.Peterman, why talk about July 1st? What's the date today? The guy want to move this summer, obviously not July 1st 2008 or July 1st 2009. Very good advice, only a bit outdated!

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    Talking .......

    I finally found a good deal ..for 3 men with truck 80$ an hour .. no traveling extra charge for piano and I pay cash and Don`t ask for a receipt .. They do not have insurance but i don't really care ... I guess for an end of moth moving is a good deal ...

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