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Thread: Relationship with a masseuse - possible?

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    Unhappy Relationship with a masseuse - possible?

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for your opinion on a little something that's hapenning with me. I've recently met a masseuse, at a salon (obviously). The first time we met, things instantly clicked and I could tell we really appreciate each other's company. Nothing crazy hapenned, and as I read her reviews on the board, I realized the salon's (and her) services are pretty restrictive, basically nothing beyond a HJ. So that's that.

    I revisited her again a while after, she instantly recognized me and was pretty happy to see me. This time, we got to know each other more, found out her real name, and other personal details. When it came to flip time, things were much different... Everything but FS was on the menu. She tells me we could get in major trouble if we got caught and she won't do FS here with me. I got her number after the session.

    Now I've tried calling her a few times but she won't answer. So I gave up on it, thinking she didnt want to see me. A while after, I visited her at the salon again, surprisingly, she was happy to see me. During the session, we simply talked about ourselves, and she mentions she really likes me. However, given the circumstances under which we met, she doesn't think it'll work out. She mentions other things that if we were to see each other, she'll quit the business. But she always jumps back saying it wont work out.

    I really like this girl, although we've only seen each other a few times. And I know she likes me as well. Its only due to the circumstances above that she doens't think it'll work.

    Last thing I told her is that I won't pressure her, and that if she changes her mind to let me know.

    What do you guys think I should do? Should I be more persistent? And try to tip the scale in my favor? Or just I just leave it as is? Have any of you been in this situation before?

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    You have a business relationship. Keep it at that.

    Have I ever been there? I've seen the same girls for years. Done a few excursions but it is always over complicated by the distrustful and unreliable aspect of many SPs.
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    Good point Hydragoat

    Don't insist, you don't know what goes through her mind, maybe you're not the only one she gave her phone number to. Maybe she likes you as a costumer, in the sens you're not annoying and wants you to keep comming back. It can get messy for you, don't push it.

    If the girl asks for your phone number and wants to see you outside, that's a different story, because you have control of the situation.
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    I agree with the others: stay at professional level! Doesn't mean you can't hire her for a "massage" elswhere than the salon, where rules are only set by both of you. But make it clear you don't want a relationship or that will likely be trouble and more trouble. She already sound quite confused, you don't want to go there...

    Up to you but thinking about it, even seeing her as a customer outside might create false expectations with her and get messy!

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    Ask yourself why you like her. Because of the good service she gives you, or because you share the same goals in life, the same hobbies, the same background?

    Ask yourself how much have you been tipping her. Will she still see you and enjoy talking to you if you don't give her any money? (I mean no money at all, not paying bills, not loaning money, nothing)

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    Hey guys I met someone recently and she's into me and I'm into her.I'm keeping it professional with her to see how she really is?Is she there for the money or there for me.I'll see how it goes who knows but I ain't rushing I'm watching how things go.

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    Take it from some of us old guys, better not go there. You`ll always have it in the back of your mind that this chick makes a living jerking off old fat guys like myself.

    I don`t hobby much anymore but when I did I used to love nailing MPs, it was my trip. It`s the big trip of getting something nobody else is supposed to get. Not like when you`re with an SP and you get FS, that`s expected. But with an MP that says she does only HJ you get a trip by getting or FS. Then a really wise friend of mine from the boards explained something to me. He said (and I quote) ``Dirty, an mp is nothing more then an ex SP or an SP in the making``.

    I`m not saying you can`t date an SP/MP but you have to be ok with what she does. She shouldn`t have to quit to make the relationship work. Now if you can live with that then all the power to you and you should start dating her...if not avoid it and keep it professional.
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    If you start seeing her it will most likely end in disaster... I wonder if she expects you to make up the shortfall if she quits the business because of you....

    Having said that... shit go for it man... we only live once... be careful but enjoy....

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    I can tell you from my perspective ..... I've been told the same thing on many occasions : 'I really like you, here is my phone no.'. But when you actually phone, she won't answer. Why .... she wants you to come back again to see her and thus becoming her regular client. When you get serious and tell her you want to date her ..... she will tell you exactly what is happening to you .. 'it won't work' or find excuses as per why she did not call you back. Many of them try to capture your feelings by transforming you to be her regular client, nothing more. This is very common with either MP or strippers.

    Think about it, how many guys she said the same thing ? While I agree with the majority of us here, to keep it strictly business, I can also advise not to get emotions involved in this venture, because you will most definitely get disappointed and hurt.

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    Thanks for your input guys, its really helpful. I actually went back and saw her yesterday. And I think i will listen to what you guys are saying and keep it strictly business. Although there is mutual attraction, all of you make very good points.

    I honestly don't think she's trying to get me to become a regular, and spend more money on her though. My session with her yesterday was great, and the strange thing is that she didnt want/expect/ask a tip. I just think she genuinely thinks this won't work out.

    I'll just leave it as is. She has my number, so she'll call if anything. I don't even think it's a good idea for me to keep seeing her at the salon. I'm not emotionally attached, but the fact that I see her more and more at the salon, feelings might develop and it might end in a disaster.

    What do you guys think?

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    What do you have to loose?

    Give it a go and see if it works. It it sours you have made an attempt. If you remain friends afterwards all the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by therock83
    Should I be more persistent?
    yes!! and then after she rips your heart out be sure to post your sad story here... because, quite frankly, that shit is fun to read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmbot
    yes!! and then after she rips your heart out be sure to post your sad story here... because, quite frankly, that shit is fun to read.
    LMAO! I'm actually trying to avoid that... That's why I'm asking for your point of view. Good point nonetheless. heart ripping isn't really my cup of tea.

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by oliver_kloseoff
    a lot of good points have been brought up.

    if she truely likes you for you,she wont take a tip for services rendered.

    how about telling uis all how much you do tip her jsut to put things into perspective
    That's the reason why I think she's not into me for the money. She didnt expect a tip anymore. The past few times I went, I tipped her 60$ everytime.

    Quote Originally Posted by oliver_kloseoff
    if everything but fs is on the menu for you,how do you know everyone else does not get the same if they tip well.

    i know a massage girl who told this pathetic loser/pathicoligical liar(they make a good couple actually) he is the only one,and when i dropped the bomb to tell him otherwise,(personal experiance and douzines of otehr eager,loyal followers who ran to check her out)he believed her over me--good for him.its not like they have an odomemerter on their snappers to measure milage.
    You are right, I don't know. She tells me I'm the only one she did this to. It's somewhat believable since the review for this MP/Salon does state nothing much goes on beyond a HJ. But then again, who knows?

    Quote Originally Posted by oliver_kloseoff
    typically these woman are single,possibly supporing a child or other family members.

    just how far in shit is this woman-desparation moves romance on at a fast pace.

    lastly,ive dated many a massage girl,jstu how proud wouold you be to introduce her to friends and family and say-well she does a professional full body massage and jerks guys off for a living.

    if she helps make supper for the family ,make sure she washes her hands first
    Finally, I guess there's no real way to find out what's going through her mind. I recently added her on my facebook, and from what I've seen of her entourage, she seems to be a decent person. She does MP on a part time basis and I don't think any of her family/friends know about it.

    Those are the reasons why I think she's genuine. I simply met her at the wrong place, under the wrong circumstances.

    I'm glad it's not too late for me to pull out of this unharmed. I'll just leave things how they are. I'll probably stop seeing her as well as seeing her will just re-ignite the flames. If she wants to see me, she knows how to reach me.

    You guys have been really helpful. Thank you!!!

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    3 years ago something similar happened to me with a girl at an incall agency. But she was into me, first off she was 34 and I was way younger, she had kids and was way taller than me. Whenever I called her she would pick up and it was not problematic to get in touch with her or she would call back. One of the things you need to focus on is communication, if you feel too much crap on the other end don't waste your time. Out of it, the only thing I could take out of the relationship was sex, safe myself a few pennies. I don't know how people manage to get more out of it. I think that guys that fall in love with MPs or SPs are a bit too much inside this world. Beautiful, educated, interesting young women are not hard to find. I was amazed, a few days ago just walking on st-laurent I saw the whole spectrum ranging from Rocca Wear Bitch to Prude virgin you can certainly find what suits your needs.

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