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Thread: Coming To Montreal

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    Coming To Montreal

    hello im really glad to be coming to montreal.Seems like a great city and very excited to visit you guys. ok im from alberta on perb and was looking for little help from the super pooners down here i will gladly repay you with info if you make it out west.

    im looking for : outcall
    -slim to average girl
    - cof
    really just the hottest crazyiest pse girls you have
    video would be cool to,but i know thats a strech.
    I have used the search and have a few ideas but alittle extra info never hurt. you guys are lucky you by far have the hottest chick in canada!!!!
    Thanks so much and i will post reviews on all of them.

    cheers bopper.

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    Hey Bopper..welcome to Montreal.What a great city! You will find what you need. MERB guys are a lot of help. Sorry I cant...I'm more on the "healthy" side kind of girls. Lol. Good luck on you search.
    "Life ain't always beautiful...but is a beautiful ride"

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    wishing I was in Montreal
    Quote Originally Posted by new bopper
    I have used the search and have a few ideas

    As Long Islander said, MERB members can be alot of help. Why don't you let us know who from your search interests you and then we'll know what type you are looking for. MERB helps those who help the themselves, and giving us a starting point will encourage replies.

    Enjoy yourl time in Montreal.

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    I was looking at eleganze,but it says all the girls do facials and yet alot of the post say the girls dont do it .

    Then XXXTACY (i think that is it) seem s to have a few girls that might do it.

    also devilish i read a few post where girls seem pretty into it to..

    and sexxyalyssa she sounds pretty wild aswell.

    ps i wont be in montreal for acouple more weeks,and thanks for your replies already.

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    bump help

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