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Thread: What do I do before I leave town?

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    What do I do before I leave town?

    hey i studied in montreal for 5yrs. never used the escort service. finally decided on this yesterday. but i gave up my cellphone(transfer of contract), so cant even call. have to use college office in the afternoon if i want to call. and internet from the library when there arent many people before closing. so i did my research and really want Gianna. but found out today she's unavailable. that info wasnt up yesterday. So i wasnt in the mood to really call elsewhere tonight. I wonder if I should call someone for tomorrow afternoon? does anybody even work before 5pm? I cant do it later. So any recommendations? im thinking right now that maybe i should just save my cdn money and try this again next time that i come to montreal in the fall? i'd really like my first time to be special. thanks.

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    My advice would be to save your money now, get a job when you graduate, and try to enjoy life for a few years. If you still feel like trying the escort scene, Montreal will still be here (and you won't be without a cellphone by then).

    From a practical point of view, you will need a phone they can reach you at. Most agencies will not deal with you otherwise. Some didn't ask me for my phone number when I called them, but they had my hotel & room number and would call on occasion (whether for confirmation or to let me know the girl will be late).

    So wait until you have established yourself and don't have to sneak around and use someone else's phone.

    PS> If you are using a library computer to browse this forum I suggest you delete the History and Cookies before you leave the computer so no one stumbles across what you have been up to. Of course you might not care, but most people would like to be discrete.
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