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Thread: A song to make you smile on a dreary Sunday

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    Smile A song to make you smile on a dreary Sunday

    It seems that everyone, including myself, seems a bit stressed out here lately. So here's an old internet video, a classic really, that I thought might bring some smiles to our faces and maybe a chuckle or two!

    I hope that it's new to a few people at least.

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    It'a Dildo, it's Dildo...

    I loved it! It was new to me. Thanks for a good laugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Techman
    Hey Techman ... you should post this on my thread :

    You are welcome to put this post on my thread and everythings that make you smile or make you feel happy

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    Talking alloo

    techman..really nice video..make me smile a lot..very funny..damn thanks..happy sunday lollll
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    That was hilarious!

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