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Thread: Mexico: Buon Grito!!!

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    Mexico: Buon Grito!!!

    Hello Mexican Friends or Mexican Lovers,

    Today is Mexico`s Independance Day and I want to wish you all a Buon Feliz Grito*!!!

    Miss Maria

    * Grito means `scream`and is used to name this day since alot of screaming, drinking and Music is usually involved!!
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    I would have used Grunto

    for all the grunting involved during my type of celebrations...
    Hope you have a great celebration!
    CA OUT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazingerz
    Hola a todos los mejicanos. Buenos alegres, está feliz de sus valores, de su cultura, de su lengua y de su país. Yo, como partidario de las lenguas latinas, ofrezco mis simpatías los más sinceros. Diviértase este bello día
    Hein? C'est pas français tout ça!! LOL!!!

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