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    I have problem with a few high end SPs (w/ 2 hours min) who keep yakking and by that time we get the main event, I only have 1/2 hour left, needless to say, most of the time, I had to extend the session to finish the deed (3 hours for 1 sog). There was 1 incident where I had to call Asservissante to the rescue cuz she had an appointment with friends.

    My question is how do you prolitely cut off the conversation (granted that it's part of the mood building process) without ruining the evening?

    Any pointers from the experience pooners to share?

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    advantage of the language barrier

    I think this problem might be one of the reasons I love Montreal. I prefer those ladies who speak French. I have never met one who didn't know enough English to communicate all necessary information. I also never had one who didn't speak English engage in lengthy or annoying conversation. Only the anglophones are able to do that, at least in my case!

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    Montrealfan sorry to say but you are WAY too polite! You just "jump" on them after 5 min chit-chat!

    No offense to any girl as some are very interesting... but if they really want to talk that much invite them to have a drink after their shift where you will be more than happy to chit-chat. You can even pay for the drink. You will see, the number of girl still willing to Yakk will plummet as fast as Trump's approval ratings


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    I think after 14 years since he posted this, he either figured something out or gave up.

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    Reviving a 14 year old thread....nice job!
    The difference between a Casino and a church is when you pray in a Casino you actually mean it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSEfreak View Post

    Reviving a 14 year old thread....nice job!
    Yeah, but it's only TWO in dog years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joelcairo View Post
    Yeah, but it's only TWO in dog years!
    Are you calling snake a dog?
    Why does that guy revive a useless 14 year old thread ?

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    Cloudsurf I do not agree at all it's useless. Many newbie here reading and lurking. These people probably too shy to react when they enter the room and the girl yak for 30 minutes on 1h call.

    The girl is killing time. Simple as that. Happened to me many times. Give these dudes a chances to get more action


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    There is a very simple solution to this so called yakking problem.
    Open her legs and start feasting....the yakking will soon change to moaning.
    Personally I like a woman who has something intelligent to say..... as long as it`s not longer than 140 characters. Just joking .

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