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Thread: Translation of La Presse Articles on prostitution - Prostitution in the Main

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    Translation of La Presse Articles on prostitution - Prostitution in the Main

    There are some very interesting articles in La Presse newspaper this weekend on prostitution in Montreal. There is a thread about these articles in the Quebec City Lounge. In order to allow our English-speaking members to read and comment on these articles, I thought it was worth it to translate some of these articles to English. I used Google translator, then I edited the translation, based on the original article, to make it understandable.

    So, here is the translation of the first article which is about the life of a prostitue working in the Main (St-Laurent/Ste-Catherine area).

    The original article can be found here: La «borderline» de la Main

    Prostitution in the Main

    Eva is drug addict prostitute, she lives in a seedy hotel. She is very poor. Pierre is a client. He is rich. He likes to roam the streets in search of a prostitute. This hunting game turns him on. Portrait of a seedy Montreal.

    She sat on the floor in her living room with the newspaper open in front of her. She browsed the escort agencies' ads, then she picked up the phone. She had a question: how much it pays. "Thirty dollars for oral sex and $ 45 for a full penetration, said the agency owner. You can start tomorrow. "

    The next day she met her first client. She kept no memory of that day. On the other hand, she perfectly remembers her distress the day she went through the ads looking for an escort agency, at that time she thought to herself: "They will pay for my ass, they will not have it for free! "

    In the beginning it was euphoria. She used to make 700 $ -800 $ per day. "I used to meet a dozen of clients a day" says Eva. I did not think of drugs, I was swimming in money."

    She resisted one month before starting to take drugs. That was in 1997. "The girls made me try it, she said. I was very, very naive. "

    Starts then the falldown. Eleven years later, she is in a small hotel room in the heart of the Main in Montreal. She lost custody of her five children, her dignity, her friends. She cut the bridges with her mother and sister. She is alone. The only things that remain are her clients, crack and narrow room in this seedy hotel.

    This is where I met Eva. 37, pretty, angular face, blue eyes. She is sitting on her bed. All her life unfolds between the walls of this room. It is here that she receives the clients that she sollicitates in the streets, it is in this room that she smokes crack and it is here that she cries the loss off her children in her rare moments of lucidity.

    There are no decorations on the walls, no photos on the furniture, no personal belongings. A sink, a bed cover and a window overlooking the neon lights of Sainte-Catherine streeet.

    She works alone. "If I feel threatened, I have no one to protect me."


    She was 8 years old when her stepfather had sexually assaulted her for the first time. He gragged her in his bed. She was naked. He said it was a game, that she was his mistress.

    He kept assaulting her for four years.

    "He was abusive physically and psychologically," says Eva. I was afraid of him. At school, I had nausea. I was in juvenile depression. I was demolished. "

    She desperately wanted a normal life. "With a husband, children and a house," she says. At 16, she jumped heads first in a relationship with the first man who was ready to love her. At 18, she was married. At 26, she already had three children. She worked as a nurse.

    But her life quickly turned into a nightmare. The prince was violent. "He was a gumbler, and a manipulator," she said.

    She immediately left to fall into the arms of another man. A real charming prince. "He encouraged me, it was late, but I sabotaged the relationship. I cheated on him so he left me. After his departure, I fell into a serious depression and I entered a psychiatric institution. "

    She tried to commit suicide and she gave up custody of her children.

    When leaving the hospital, she found herself alone at home, depressed, fragile. There she sat on the floor in her living room and opened the newspaper and browsed the classified ads in search of an escort agency.


    Eva is not feeling well. A bad cough tearing her throat. She loses 10 pounds per month. She has hepatitis C.

    She takes risks. "If a customer tells me he is clean and he does not want a condom, I agree, but I charge $ 20 more," she says.

    During the 10 years when she was a prostitute, Eva had two other children that she lost as well. They were entrusted to the DPJ.

    She misses her two young children, she did not see them since September. They are 1 and 3 years old. Two boys. She buried her face in her hands and wept, her shoulders were shaken by sobs.

    "That's all I have left. My two little ones. I do not even have any photos of them. I tried to get out of all this, I had therapies, but they did not work. I was diagnosed borderline. "

    She made several suicide attempts.

    "I have nothing more to hung to. Why would I try to get out of this situation? Why? she asks. I do a client, then I smoke crack, then another client, crack, a client, then crack. I spend $ 400 per day on crack. "

    "I'm all the time stoned because I do not want to think. This is the only thing that holds me to life. "
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