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Thread: the meaning of GFE is changing

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    the meaning of GFE is changing

    I've had a few experiences lately where I've noticed that GFE seems to have changed to Get Fooled Extensively. Anyways beware of adds on and I'm a peacefull dude, one day one of these days these gals will end up with a rowdy customer and things might really get ugly.

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    Talking How about BFE, has that changed?

    Be Friendly and Engaging?

    Look, I think you may have a legitimate beef, however.
    1. If you are a member of MERB and you are posting, it probably means you know how to do research here to find the best providers for your tastes. Most of them (especially outcall escorts) are not announcers on the venues you mention. Not that all who announce there are bad, but there seems to be a higher proportion.
    2. No matter the situation , when does it become OK for a man to ger "rowdy" with a lady? Answer: never.
    So, you feel ripped off. Talk about it here calmly, find another provider better suited for you by reading some reviews here, learn your lesson and move on.
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    I hate to sound like a shill for MERB, but if you are ripped off by people you find on places like craigslist, why don't you patronize some of the agencies or independents who advertise here and are extensively reviewed here?

    I mean, isn't that one of the reasons this board exists? Sorry for your troubles.

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    I am a daytimer, I work most nights. Most agency's except for Satins Dreams and MTLSexcity do not provide daytime GFEs(And i do use these agancies quite often). There is also devilish daytimers but theyre allways overbooked. Thats why occasionally I go out looking for a new gem, I would imagine there must be some GFE kncokouts indy's out there. Any suggestions ??????

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    I think GFE is used more and more by people who should never use it in the first place... But with the "standard" agencies and indies here, GFE has been GFE, within the usual YMMV (i.e. LFK but no DFK, etc). Of course there are a few ladies who are not GFE even if advertised, but it quickly becomes known that they are not GFE... and either move on to tother agencies or knowledge gets out quickly.

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    GFE is like any other success story. Once the "product" (pardon the analogy, ladies) wasknown to be good, everyone else hopped in. But trademarks have al most stopped the phenomenon. Should we add a little copyright symbol to GFE?

    Or...maybe we should require something like ISO 9000 for SPs?


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