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Thread: Brutal massacre of dolphins in Denmark

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    Brutal massacre of dolphins in Denmark

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    Gruesome photos, but probably not that different from what you would see at a large scale abatoir. Do I think it should be stopped? No. I don't fully trust ANY conservation/enviornmental/scientific group, as they tend to put their own spin on things. The article stated that some conservation groups "claim" that many of the animals go to waste by rotting on the beaches, or getting washed out to sea. Why don't they offer up some actual proof. Are these the same groups that say the villagers have enough other things to eat? Let's be honest: There are some truly RABID activists out there who would prefer a room full of dead humans, than one dead ______ (fill in the blank with the appropriate cuddly creature). This is a way of life, and a way of making a living. Should it be stopped because it makes people squemish? No. Should it perhaps be regulated? Sure. The article stated that the numbers of Pilot (?) whales is unknown. So study the whales and get some numbers BEFORE you take away someone's ability to make a living.

    I respect your apparent opinion about saving wild animals. There's a huge difference between wild and "farm raised for a purpose". If the whales and dolphins are endangered by the hunt, then by all means put a stop to it. I'll even sign the petition.
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    "In the strictest sense of the word, all life feeds on death!" (Mr. Spock)

    It is unfortunate that with the convenience of styrofoam and plastic packaging that we have so distanced ourselves from the realities of harvesting the natural resources around us for sustenance and other uses. These islanders have obviously been engaging in this harvest traditionally for a very long time and it forms a part of the unique relationship between themselves and their environment. By todays standards the optics may be offensive to some but it does serve to outline the harsh realities that our forefathers had to deal with to survive and gain sustenance from the natural resource base.

    What we could be concerned about is that any harvest be sustainable and that every effort be made (within the resources of those negaging in it) to ensure that it is humane. These islanders may have very limited resources in that respect, I suspect. It has become very fashionable today for celebrities and those who claim to be more enlightened about such things than the rest of the great unwashed (That's most of us folks!) to play up to this sort of thing. Let's hope that cooler heads will always have the last word.
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