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Thread: GFE vs. PSE

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    GFE vs. PSE

    my question is, is the extra $ worth it for the PSE if offered? i no theres gonna be alot of variations/opinons to this but try to be cival, haha!

    but seriously, for those that have gone for both, whats your experience on it and are there some that prefer only PSE? just curious, ty

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    Some say PSE is a girl who will do almost any sex act in exchange of money. That doesn't imply a GFE can't act PSE.
    Some say PSE will be pure sex, anything, name it, but no personality, no human contacts, just a bang, thank you m'aam.
    Some think just greek is enough to be considered PSE.
    Some think a PSE is a girl who will be totally wild with sex and will attack you from the first second.

    Basically, it all depends what the girl/agency think what PSE mean. It usually mean "something more" but this could also be a trade-off with something less.

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    I agree with metoo4... It does seem to depend on the SP or agency when it comes to PSE and GFE action.... Basically I would ask what there definition for it is and if you have a specific thing that you want done, ask for it.... Ex: some consider CIM in the mouth a GFE service (you would like your girlfriend to do it, and others consider it a PSE because it's a little bit more provocative then just a BJ....) Better to ask then not be happy with the service afterwards...
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    To me a GFE is a chick who has all of the qualities I look for in a chick I would like to hangout with in real life: she has to be articulate, smart and have a sense of humor. She also has to be good in bed.

    It has nothing at all to do with what she does in bed, by the way. Nothing to do with the services she offers.

    Its a matter of attitude and smarts. There is nothing more of a turnoff than a dumb chick.

    Some guys turn the definition of what a GFE is into an equation such as: GFE = + DATY + ... etc.

    There are women out there who share this attitude to a GFE being a question of what specific things they do.

    I`m not a fan of BJs whether covered or uncovered, period, so whether it is offered or not is not important to me, for example.

    I`d much rather that she be spontaneous and just go with the flow. I am a big fan of intensive foreplay so if she wants to take me through a sequence of activities instead, I know I`m not spending time with the right chick.

    I never remember what I do with a GFE, what services she provides. I always remember what it was we said to each other, the private jokes we shared.

    What bothers me about PSE is this: does it mean that the chick will go into that fake moaning which goes into porn film soundtracks? No thanks.

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    Lightbulb Just a few points to add

    • A PSE girl is more for the sexual athletics to enhance the connection. The GFE girl is more likely to view the connection as enhancing the sexual athletics.
    • A PSE girl plays to the camera. A GFE girl plays to the guy
    • A GFE girl will kiss with sensuality and affection. For PSE the expression, “suck face” seems to cover it
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    Alaways wanted to know what PSE meant but was afraid to ask ?

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    I was under the complete notion that PSE was yes, Pornstar, but that girls who offered PSE, provided Greek as an option. Hense the higher rates...

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