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    Meta-physical Question

    I see the term 'clock-watcher' applied to sex providers a lot: 'she is/isn't a clock watcher'. It occurs to me that the only way to determine if a women is conscious of the time she spends with you is if you are one yourself.

    I've always wondered why it is so important to folks to squeeze every minute out of a given engagement - has no-one here ever been to a psychologist? Would you bitch about the 50-minute hour?

    For me, personally, after I blow my load, I'm pretty much ready for the woman to depart; as the old joke goes, 'you pay them to leave'. There are few SPs that have such fascinating personalities that I want them to hang around discussing politics, or the state of the economy. They are there because they are beautiful, and once we have done what we set out to do, and cleaned up, had a cordial conversation, I'm happy to hear the driver is there to remove them from the premises so I can get on with my life, post to MERB, whatever.

    Now, if I am fortunate enough to cum early on in the hour, and we have enough time for a second round, well and great, but really, if there are 18 minutes left, I'm not expecting the girl to stay to chat for that time.

    Same thing with 'massage' parlours, most of these girls are there because of their loose morals and great racks - why the insistence upon them finishing the massage? For the most part the massages you get in the parlours are of very poor quality, and always a prelude in anticipation of that wonderful moment when she begins to stroke your sack.

    If I want a real massage, I'll go to a real massage service, not some down-on-her-luck Russian or Chinese girl. On the other hand, if I want a handjob/blowjob/fuck I'll head to the appropriate retail outlet for such things.
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    While put very bluntly, my attitude is very similar.

    I can't believe how many people whine if the sp left 12 mins early. I mean, first of all...what are you going to do in 12 mins? And second of all..This is an expensive hobby, if you're broke to the point where you need to come on here and whine about getting no value because they left 12 mins early, 4 mins early, their rate going up 10 or 20 dollars, then you probably can't afford to hobby, or do it nearly as much.

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    Not everyone meets an escort simply to blow their load. I am pretty certain that at least 50% of us do so both for sex as well as companionship. And this is why it is important that if you are paying for an hour, you get pretty much the full hour. You are paying for time spent and not only for the sexual services offered. Personally if I feel some kind of connection I really appreciate that she spend the entire hour or the 2 or 3 hrs that I booked her for to chat, cuddle , whatever...At least then I feel I got what I was looking for. Of course there are times when you book someone who gives you lousy service or there just isnt any connection in which case I am happy if she leaves early.

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