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Thread: does this hobby have a "season" where...

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    does this hobby have a "season" where...

    1. ......its slower than usual, like in the winter maybe?

    1.b .....thus does that mean choices are more abundant , ex. everyone says its hard to see a eleganza girl, so if there is a slow season, does this mean more availability of those hard to book SP's. or are they in such demand that they are still hard to see? it makes sense but JUST asking for your opinons

    2. and if its slower, does this mean "deals" are more aplenty, just like in any business you see when things are slower?
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    1. yes,
    1 b) I dunno
    2. yes.
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    Probably also very busy during grand prix weekends, jazz festivals, etc.

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    i am visiting montreal the second week of january. i am praying for a good deal (or several good deals) as well as a good time. pm's welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria Divina
    Just for kidding a little....

    What's the best???

    The cheapest rendez-vous or a rendez-vous you will be sure to be amazed of???

    Sorry, I know I should not reply, I am going to sleep now

    Mark_Sab, please, don't take it too seriously personnaly... I was stating a general thought for everybody... xx xx

    That's ok if the girls think it is good to lower their donations, and do it... but I really think those who are doing specials hiden donations and acustomize gentlemen to deal the donations are giving so much bad possibilities to brake the "market" of this business..... and that's a total bad habits to give to the gentlemen... maybe, it is a way to show that they really underestimate themselves and if they will do for one, everybody will know, beleive me, and want "the special"..... They won't be able to return back at the level they started....

    Girls, if you are good, you are good enough to have the donation you choose and used to have....
    Don't listen to those who want to afraid you with the current situation.... All time, we saw than, in despite of bad markets and recession, richs stay richs, maybe less rich, but still richs... So, the demand will stay, if you have a good reputation, of course.... Those who are looking for a quality time with a nice reputable lady will continue to contact you... What we are offering is part of a luxury life.... and those who will really want to threat themselves with such special entertainment, will contact you..... The only thing, if you may permit me to suggest you, is to polish your rendez-vous, and be the best you can at each time you are meeting someone.... and enjoy!!!

    Ok, now, time to sleep...

    I personally don't think price has anything to do with value, or having a good time. An SP is going to be good based on her attitude, not pay. If an SP who hates her job @ 160/hr raises her rates to $500/hr, it really doesn't change much. he probably still hates her job, and even if the raise changes her attitude for the won't last that long.

    I agree with everything else however. SP's can charge whatever they want. All a hobbyist can do is say "yes" or "no". There will always be cheap and expernsive escorts out there, good and bad ones, etc. It's really up to us to choose what we will pay and go from there. Vice versa for you ladies.

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    I have not noticed a difference in business. Winter months are as busy for me.. Remeber during the Montreal winter months there is less light, which makes people more depressed, and without mentionning the snow and the cold. Therefore, people need some TLC and some warmth in the winter months also.

    People would also think that it would be slower during the Holidays but I worked during the Holidays last year and was kept quite busy! Maybe this is due to less SPs working during this season and gentlemen sometimes feeling lonely.

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