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Thread: Say NO to sponges, period

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    Thumbs up Say NO to sponges, period

    Over my time meeting with ladies, I have come across an aberration which many hobbyists I am sure are aware of but for some reason don't bring up: the use of contraceptive sponges by escorts when they are on their period.

    It is a sensitive issue, I am sure. I can only post my own point of view on it and let others follow. I came upon an article by the Family Planning Association of Washington, guiding sex workers in the correct use of this device . IMHO, there is no correct use of that thing for sex work.

    My experience with ladies on their period who use the sponge is as follows:
    • I never get the benefit of being asked if this is okay. They just do it.
    • When it is a lady I see regularly, I sense her enthusiasm for the sex part of the date is much less than usual...
    • If oral sex (on her) is on the menu at all, the lady is not much into it and once in a while she may look down to "see if everything is ok".
    • If there was any chance the lady may get "wet" from enjoyment of the sex act, the sponge will absorb all that.
    • I have felt the sponge on many occasions during intercourse, depsite the fact it is not supposed to happen.
    I think it is very short-sighted for ladies who want to keep their good name to work during that time of the month, period (pun fully intended). The relatively high hourly salary of escorts has many reasons: short career, hard work, not steady or 40 hours a week, AND unable to work during a part of her natural cycle. I know some do because of a money situation, but that is a very poor excuse.

    I have decided from now on to end the session when I find out a lady is using a sponge. Not out of any kind of meanness, but simply because I am unwilling to pay for less than half the regular experience I normally enjoy.

    After all, many guys pay for escort sex because they want an experience that surpasses what they get in normal life. And very rarely will a couple in normal life have sex during the female partner's period...
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    Tell me about it, Sap. I had the great misfortune of dislodging a sponge during the act, and getting soaked with blood. If that weren't enough, the condom broke, probably due to rubbing the damned sponge.

    I had to take HIV testing all the way to three months afterward thanks to that little surprise.

    (For the record, this was years ago, so don't anyone PM me about who it was. I am sure she is long gone, and I reported it to her agency, which is also long gone.)

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    A girls perspective

    This is a very interesting topic and I am sure alot of guys will have negative things to say about it and many women will stay silent.

    I for one, do not work with the sponge, I simply take my pill continuously so I do not get my period. I only do that when I know I have appointments. While I was too busy with school, I would skip this little process.

    Also, let me demystify the sex on period: I have had many boyfirends who it did not bother, and yes a couple of clients also. It isn<t like a fountain down there and if there is a little blood that comes out, it is that... just a little blood. Of course, everyone involved should be informed but seriously, stopping myself from having sexual pleasure during a very normal part of my female cycle is just TOO difficult.

    Sponge story:

    I was touring the state and realized, I had forgotten my contraceptive pill. I had many appointments booked and I did not want to dissapoint anyone and of course, it had cost me lots of money for flight and hotels and guess what came along? Yes Mrs Period. I was so frantic and stressed out so I went on an SP forum and asked them what to do.. I was a little skeptical about the sponge at first but they all explained me exactly what to do, and believe it or not with their little tricks, No one evr guessed I was on my period, I was very very lubricated and DATY and digits were not an issue one bit. I just had to dicontinue the use of it for fear of it staying stuck in there.

    The sponge actually saved my butt at this point and I still gave lots of truely appreciated pleasure to gentlemen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Maria
    I for one, do not work with the sponge, I simply take my pill continuously so I do not get my period.

    But, there are also women who do not take the pill out there and who only use it as an extra contraceptive in case the condom breaks... Should they switch to "sterilet" or diafragm?

    If the diafragm becomes popular again, we'll then ear someone complaining that the device poke his Mr. Happy!


    As for using the sponge during the girls period :

    Solution : Cancelation = Someone complaining

    Solution : Being honest about it before the appointment = Someone not believing and thinking the girl just wanted to cancel

    Please someone, find me solutions that will make everyone happy!

    I say, if you feel a sponge, ask the girl to remove it to know what she really uses it for.

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    i had alot of bad situation because of girls not respecting there own body and i cant actually believe a sp could work on the week of her i say NO TO SP`S WORKING ON HER PERIOD.
    here a little adventure that happend to me when a sp work on her period.

    well its happend to me twice and im pretty sure that the girls knew she had her period...

    i will not give any names or which agency because i dont like bashing the girl or the agency!

    im going to tell you my last experience and it happend about 6 month ago,the girl was really cute with a great body so i was very excited to get down to business...i got undress and she did the same but she only took out her shirt and not her paint,i found that really weird but i said to myself maybe she know`s what she doing.ok so she started giving me a really great so meanwhile im trying to pull down her jeans but she was giving me a really hard time after couple of minutes i finally pull down her paint so everything is going well and im having fun grabbing her beautiful ass...slowly slowly i stard going down her to her pussy with my fingers and she turn around on the other side to continue the im asking myself what going with this chic,so i turn to the other side to stard playing with her pussy and boom again she goes on to the other side so there no way for me to play with her pussy so i get really mad but i dont say anything so i lay back and enjoy the and the girl is doing a really great job for me to come right away but me i dont want to come i want to bang her so i tell her to stop and let me put the condom on but she ignore me and continue really hard to make me come on the but i push her back and i say stop and put the condom on she finally grab the condom from her purse and finally take out her g-string and put the condom on oouff what a battle i went threw just to put the condom we start with cow girl,im just in heaven because the penetration felt so good and she was ridding me so good...(``ITS WASENT THE LUBRIFIANT ITS WAS BLOOD THAT WAS FELT AMAZING``)i started playing with her breast and i look down and the most scary shit a big splash of blood all over my stomach so i scream ``RED ZONE AKA MENSTRUAL BLEEDING `` and i push her back and i start freaking out.i run to take a shower and i see a river of blood running down my bathtub...i was so disgusted and frustrated that i started accusing the girl that she knew she had her period and she did not tell me... but she was convince that she dint know(ya right,she full of shit)...she beg me not to call the agency and on top of it i booked her for 2 hours so im down 320$ and im disgusted....

    i dint booked a girl for 6 weeks because of that bad experience!
    why do girls work on the period???
    i found that very sick and selfish for a girl to work meanwhile she has her period...she putting us in high risk to catch something but 2 months later i went to get check at the clinic and everything was ok

    here the thread i started a while back about this issue:
    im back

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    I wish I had a quick and easy solution for everyone........ but no one does. For myself, I have decided to take this risk of having sex with strangers who have had more than a hundred+ sexual partners. It is my own choice and I believe I understand my risks. Even under the best conditions, there will always be risks involved.

    We all have a line we draw or risks we will not take. For myself, I will have sex with a woman during that time of the month, if she is okay with it. While I do not like to see my own blood, the blood of other people does not bother me as much. I have had sex with women during that time, more than a few times....... and I most likely will again.

    I would rather a SP not be on drugs, drinking or on her period when I see her, but it is not my main concern....... my main concern is that see be comfortable with sex, her body and having sex with me, so I can enjoy myself. If I like her, and she is not throwing out a weird vibe, I will ignore most things that might be wrong with her. She doesn't get to ask me personal questions and I don't either. I will never be her daddy. I don't own her and it is not my place to tell her how to live her life, nor is it my place to try to save her.

    There will always be risks and trade-offs in life......... booking a stranger for a session, will never be risk free......... for me, marrying a woman has way more risks and trade-offs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria Divina

    So, we did what he choose to do at that time.... and he decided to take the option 3.... and he told me that wasn't really much a big deal because he had, in the past, some intimacy "in the same conditions".....and, of course, he refrain himself to touch me "down there" with his hands or mouth...

    I really think that to be honest and inform the gentleman I was meeting was showing the respect he was deserving....
    It came as a bit of a shock to me to learn (a long time ago!!) that SPs actually work during their periods. I agree with Maria though. If the girl has any respect for the customer (or wants a repeat), she should give him the facts, offer an assurance that the "problem" is well controlled, and offer to make the "date' as exciting as possible. If he declines the offer, so be it.


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    When I had my daughter, My doctor and I went through contraceptives, I wanted the best option.
    No pills, No needles, or anything I have to remember.

    Best thing I have ever used, works wonders (been three years, no "mishaps") and bonus.... No period. At all..

    That means. no cramps, no blood, no cravings, no mood swings, very little bloating, and again... no cramps no cramps no cramps....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlot
    ... completely avoid any intimacy with such a beautiful and exciting woman
    Intimacy and fulfillment are so much more than just penetration.

    I don't have any doubt that Marias' customer left more than pleased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria Divina
    Vous savez....You know.....

    It is not a really big deal having intimacy while the woman have her periods... I did a lots of time WITH MY LOVERS, long time ago.... and the shower was the best place to accomplish it....

    but, in the context of this business, I could understand that it is totally not wanted or appealing for a gentleman who is giving a certain amount in exchange of a certain companionship, and he might be feeling to have just a portion of what he could have in another time of the month...

    I don't want to preach really for it, but, a question came in my mind after reading this thread:

    IF the lady is telling you that she will probably have her periods and will have probably need to use, sponge or the other thing that looks like a diaphragme, (this thing is sell specifically for the "period of the periods" in a pharmacy...)..., is this something really a "no-no" or, if you know it, it is not boring you too much, finally....

    My question is to know what it is the most not acceptable: the fact that a girl may hide something to you, or the fact of the period directly....
    Hello Divine Maria,

    THE SHOWER! Ummmmmm, whether there is some little problem down there or not I would LOVE to spend a large part or all of the intimate action in the shower with you. Yeeeeesssss, the warm water and a steamy hot Spanish cougar. Hey, I'm there. Are goggles required? Nah, I don't want anything to obscure the view. What kind of wine goes with shower sex????? Just let me know what kind of soap your prefer.

    Hugs and kisses,


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    Hey Merlot! Wipe your chin! You're drooling!

    (Can't say I blame you though!
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    Without sarcasm this time...

    I have to add : I use to know a few girls who worked for an agency back a few years ago who would use the sponge on their periods. Why? Because the agency owner would not allow them to work on a "busy" night if they were not showing up on their regular scheduled days.

    Sometimes, it's not necessarily a question of disrespect from the girl.

    On my part, I agree with Maria Divina, the best way to go is to be honest about it. I never had a problem having sex with my former boyfriends on my periods, but it's not something I'd share with a "stranger". What I find very hard is when I am calling to cancel (and it is usually on the same day of the appointment because my cycle is very irregular) and I hear very obvious dissapointment and I almost hear "yeah liar!!". I must not be the only one who feels that way...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria Divina
    I am trying to have a serious discussion here.... in the spirit of the starter thread...

    Thank you for all your compliments, but now, I am shy...

    May I ask you to follow the discussion, please...and maybe answer...if it is not too much asking ??? hahahahahaha....

    ps..... Besos para vosotros dos... xxx xxx
    Hello Miss Divine,

    Sorry, but I got carried away. After being with you twice I just slapped myself for not thinking of shower heaven when I had the chance.

    Well, we all know about certain risks in this hobby. When one is suddenly confronted with the situation you describe it's understandable that those could race through one's head at light speed and there would be a huge conflict between desire and the possibility of risk no matter how honest an escort might be. The sensible thing would be to stop and wait till next time no matter who one is with. But if already in the middle of "enticement" sense my be a very difficult thing to take hold of. With a lover outside of the hobby, one may be much more assured of the possibilities. How can one be sure there is not much greater risk within the hobby when risk seems to be ever present. So any woman who could convince a guy to stay under these circumstances must be...very unique. Otherwise good sense would say...STOP!

    Now, is it white or red wine in the shower...darling.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly Lombard
    What I find very hard is when I am calling to cancel (and it is usually on the same day of the appointment because my cycle is very irregular) and I hear very obvious dissapointment and I almost hear "yeah liar!!". I must not be the only one who feels that way...
    Exactly! We have discussed one high end escort who was so obviously a liar. But that feeling for the client can come out of pure disappointment, true or not.

    And how about you Lilly??? After a dozen times no shower yet. So, red or white for you?

    More kisses to both of you,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlot
    And how about you Lilly??? After a dozen times no shower yet. So, red or white for you?

    More kisses to both of you,


    How about a sponge bath??
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    When it is that time of the month I just tell my clients. Large % do not mind. Some even prefer it then because the inside temperature is hotter and it is also slicker (when there is no sponge.)

    Also sometimes a real intense orgasm will make me start me period early when I am not expecting it.

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