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Thread: montreal these days

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    montreal these days

    I was just curious at how montreal is these days. I heard its really slow there. Maybe a few discounts by the ladies will get the guys ready to undertake a winter getaway.

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    from what i have heard from a few ladies, its REALLY slow, and from the specials iv'e seen the last 2 weeks by agencies, IT IS SLOW! good time to get to the great city known as Montreal! been getting some good deals on hockey tics also, that alone tells you how slow it is there....

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    It's also been quite cold in the city. Water mains have been bursting regularly & there was a flood in a downtown area recently, as shown:

    I've been going to Mtl regularly during the winter months for years. However, i don't remember any of those years being consistently as cold as this year, with the temperature regularly in the -20's these days. And now, Hydro Quebec is asking its consumers to lower their thermostats in order to avoid power outages:

    Yes indeed, records for electricity usage are being broken & being in Mtl these days isn't fun. The first thing i'd want to do when arriving in the city would be to find a warm body in order to stay warm. Actually, this might be quite fun indeed!

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