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Thread: West Palm Beach, Florida

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    West Palm Beach, Florida

    Heading down to Florida for business and was hoping my fellow Merbites could make some suggestions as far as agencies, independants, incall locations, high mileage strip joints, that sort of stuff.

    Thanks in advance!


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    If only I knew...
    Just be extremely careful: prostitution is illegal in the USA. Sting operations by the cops are legal and they can get a cop disguised as a SP in your room and then bust you. Besides for street workers (the most risky), every other SP will be WAY more expensive than here and most will offer a lesser quality service.

    Personally, I go to the USA for business a few times per year and, risking a criminal file and get access to USA denied later on isn't worth the pleasure of having sex with an SP down there. Worst case, it will be 1 month with no sex, if I can't get a "civilian" to make my trip more enjoyable...

    As far as strip clubs, service doesn't compare to here either and prices are again higher.

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    Check out

    Click on Enter at bottom and (once in) see Forums (under Navigation)

    It's like MERB for southern Florida.
    You can check out ladies as well as things like current LE activity etc.

    There was a good agency near WPB (Sophisticata), but it closed up a couple years ago.

    Good luck!
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