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Thread: poll in journal Metro

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    poll in journal Metro

    In Friday Journal Metro (the free french journal in the subway stations), there was a poll on Quebecers sexual habits at the eve of St-Valentines.

    I havent read the methodology behind this poll, maybe it was done on a very small population (budget is probably not very high for free journal poll) and on restricted area, but there was still one stats made me though...

    To the question "have you ever paid to have sex" (wich may include the strippers i guess for several persons), the % was .... 11 ! And this was blended male/female, so on the sub-population of male, its probably higher.

    Like i said, with low budget and not knowing the method, i would not buy it as it is, but i am sure it may still be close to reality. Wich mean that its about time governement rethink social acceptance of this.

    If stats is true, then about 10% of the montreal population, a lot more in the male, would be guilty of sexual sollicitation for money.... A lot of people in the court at once !

    Bottom line, even without this stats, with all the agencys that live well... and especially how fast some SP i want to see book when they appear on agency schedule... i guess that its obious that : no, you are not alone SP lovers !

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    Prevalence of "The Hobby"

    According to Wikipedia : a 1994 study found that 16 percent of 18 to 59-year-old men in a U.S. survey group had paid for sex (Gagnon, Laumann, and Kolata 1994).
    Usually the guess is that there is a problem of under-reporting so maybe that is a low estimate. I don't know if that particular study tried to correct for this. I would also be very curious to see what the %age would be BY AGE BRACKET. I think a lot of guys may not try this until their 30s or 40s, by which point they may have more difficulty meeting the women they find physically attractive, have the financial resources to afford it and have less stigma about sex in general. If so, the %ages for the current 18-30 cohort may be somewhat meaningless and merely bring down the average. The averages would have to be studied to take this into account also.

    I would wonder if the real % might not be 30, 40 or even 50% once you correct for self-reporting and age-bracket bias but I'm just speculating here.
    And there's every reason to think the number might be higher in Quebec than in the US given lower social stigma, higher availability and non-illegality.
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    Impossible that it is 11%
    these girls are booked solid, from massage parlours, to independents, to escorts...11% is way too low
    40 % is probably a better number.
    Sex is the number selling industry in the world. Everywhere you go it is there.
    from canada to usa, to thialand to dubai, it is used more often than debt cards lol
    they need to fire the reporter and hire a new one.

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