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Thread: Need advise Hotel or House?

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    Smile Need advise Hotel or House?

    Hello everyone,
    I need some advise from the more experienced Montreal members. I am new in town and want to see an escort. What would you advise, if I were to call an outcall escort, should I get a hotel room for one night or just call her over to my apartment? Whats the normal operating procedure here in Montreal? And if you advise a hotel, could you recommend some that might be near downtown, affordable, and sp friendly.

    (I am thinking of either calling Devilish or GOF, if that would effect your advise)

    Thank you in advance

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    Look up Chablis St-Jacques, you can even rent for four hours only.

    Hotel is safer.

    Devilish, Eleganza, XXXTase or GOF.
    J Edgar Whoever

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    I agree with Edgar. Chablis is pretty popular with the local hobbyists, and you can use it until you feel comfortable hosting specific SPs in your apartment.

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    Thanks for the quick reply fellow hobbyists. Will definately use the recommended location.

    Wish me luck....

    Will post a review in the upcoming days

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