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    Talking Fetishes and providers

    After reviewing these fetishes, some of which even I find kind of gross, I began to wonder if you guys have ever been turned down after suggesting to your provider that she indulge your fetish.

    I'm not talking about common things like greek, but some of the more intense fetishes like the ones illustrated.

    While I haven't ever requested anything extreme, I have never been turned down by my provider. (When I asked her, for example, to fuck me in a quasi-public place near an airport for the adventure of risking being seen.)
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    i once told an sp that i have a fetish for females and she told me to gtfo and never call her again

    oh and this other time i told an sp that i like heterosexual consensual sex in the missionary position and she thought i was a weirdo.

    honestly this is purely ymmv; if you are the perfect man most women will probably do anything and if you are a disgusting slob you won't even get a hj lol
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    If I was with an SP that was starting to get on my nerves I would think nothing of kinking it up into things that she may not like. I would exploit the "I' m paying so put up & shutup or bye bye, no more money for you from me". I am not a sodomist and do I not like men involved in my kink. But I start to see the SP is getting unreliable or impolite I'll bring in dildos, pumps, clamps & satin rope. She'll deep throat or bust.

    If I was with an SP that it has become obvious that we have regular meetings because we like each other's styles and that we are both enjoying ourselves in a simple sexual relationship where I provide a bit of cash & gifts. I would hesitate to poison this with demands that might hurt her feelings or make her feel that I am not satisfied with the way she is. I would rather keep it where we appreciate each other's generosity in a sincere balnaced way.

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