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Thread: Chablis - still SP friendly?

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    Chablis - still SP friendly?

    Checked their new site and unless I missed it I don't see any mention of 4-hour rates. Is it still SP friendly?

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    Yes. Both of them. They have 4 hour rates. Anywhere from 45 to 75,

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    was there last week and didn't have any problems

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    This might give an idea!

    Double checked a week or two ago by phone to the front office:

    Room 226 : reg. 165 Siesta rate: 75

    400: reg. 160 Siesta rate: 80

    107: reg. 125 Siesta rate: 65

    There are lesser and better but that is a good sampling.
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    Not bad at all, just like that do you need to make reservation in advance just for a siesta?

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    No, pretty much just show up and ask for a room.

    I can confirm it's $45 tax in at the Chablis Cadillac for 4 hrs.

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