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Thread: Questions on swing clubs in Montreal

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    Questions on swing clubs in Montreal

    Very new to this. I've been hobbying frequently and regularly, but never visited swing club. I'm very curious. And I would also be visiting single.

    How does it work? Any good spots during the week-nights? What are the rules? Is it worth it? I don't object to either participate or watch.

    How are the people? I'm in my early fourties, good looking but not an athlete. Should I expect to find reasonably looking people? I don't need to pay only to get hit on by queen-sized women..... no thanks....

    Although I'm a very sociable guy, clubbing is not necessarily my thing. Are people sociable in those place, or is it a closed circle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by curly
    I would also be visiting single.
    You should bring a date, wife, gf or sp.
    You think single girls go to those things?

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    I would say ixnay on these.

    As MM said, single chicks won't go to these.

    Married chicks will have let themselves go. Think you're going to bang some guy's hot wife? It's highly unlikely, she'll be hot.

    And without offering anything in exchange (since you're single)? Sorry, these joints just aren't adding up for us single dudes.

    Swinging is not hobbying. Really, it's just married people ... dating.


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    There are opportunites for single guys, there are single girls that go, but you can not count on it. The clubs I like during the week are Hotel Lust, and Club 3333. I have posted reviews of them in other threads. HL has gang-bangs during the week, so you do not have to be concerned about going home empty handed.

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    Swing clubs arent good for single males

    If you're single and going alone I suggest you check out a gangbang, there

    are both single males, females and couples there to participate and watch.

    AEQSA has them every week with a different "gangbang girl" each time.

    Pm me for more info

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