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Thread: question about cleos closing

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    question about cleos closing

    what is the latest word on this? is it certain its gonna close?, last i knew the owner didnt want to sell, is the city making him? also the other buildings in the area, did they sell or are they all refusing?

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    I don`t think there has been any final decision made as of yet. It seems that Hydro Quebec will pull out of the project if things aren`t settled by next Autumn.

    You can read the various statements which were given at the latest public consultations here:

    This one is the statement submitted by the owner of Cleo`s which I feel sums up the feelings of most people in favour of saving Cleo`s quite well:

    Unfortunately, all information on the above links are in French only, as usual.

    There is more information in the other thread that can be found here:
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