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Thread: Disappointment for daytime guys

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    Disappointment for daytime guys

    Last one month has been very disappointing to me for this hobby. The bad service provided by day time agencies and also the unavailability of top quality SPs during the day time is a very very big problem for a guy like me. Money is not an issue. I have tried to book the SPs like Vicotria Jolie, but without any success.

    So what I find is that instead of wasting time and money with C or D class SPs during the day time I should stick to massage parlours. I will be missing DFK and which I like most, but at least the face and body of the girl will be of my lliking, and I hope HJ will be enough. message and HJ given by a beautiful girl with an attitude and with a body of my liking will satisfy my needs.

    What is the opinion of merbites?

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