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Thread: What is the posters adjenda?

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    Question What is the posters adjenda?

    For the average poster here, does where you post most frequent have to do with your adjenda on this board? Example would be mainly posting to the lounge, giving others the idea that your on the board for interacting with others. Agency's post mainly in the agency section, guys posting only in the massage section are probably focused primarily on the massage scene. What do you think your average is for each section of this board? Myself im equally in the lounge and the outcall section....with a smattering of comments here and there in massage, incall, other cities etc. Wherever I see something id like to comment on I make a comment.

    You see a handle only posting in the massage section over and over again, your not going to make an issue with his focus to that field of the hobby. Same with pretty much the other catagorys....incall, stripclubs etc. There is an exception though...the health forum. It seems odd that a hobbiest would join the board and focus mainly on a section of this board that gets very little attention. How much focus? Would you believe 80% of his or her posts are in the health section. Why so many in that section?

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