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Thread: Any SP's with Pubic Hair

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    Any SP's with Pubic Hair

    HI,guys, It has been my experience in Montreal that almost all if not all SP's are completely shaved down below. While this may be preferred by teh majority of hobbyists, I tend to prefer the natural look. Has anybody had any experience with any SP's who are totally unshaved? Just curious. I mean, a pussy is still a pussy, but I guess that is my preference is for the completely natural look.

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    Ariel from Aleeva had a "natural look" when I saw her last winter or so...

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    Wild Jungle Beast.

    In my experience shaving or at least trimming of the hamsters seem to be very popular!When I started hobbying about 15 years ago, many SWs were part timers that headed down to St. Catherine Street or other street around Montreal like Pine Avenue betwen St. Laurent and St. Denis and offered their services.
    I once met an SW that had a jungle beaver that might never have been trimmed or was trimmed a long time ago. The triangle was about 9 or 10 inches wide, but along with all the foliage came hairy legs and a hairy ass.
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