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Thread: are bars good places to meet women?

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    are bars good places to meet women?

    Are bars good places to meet women?

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    maybe if you are hot, AND the number of women vastly outnumber the men


    OK, assuming it's not a lesbo bar, and such a freak occurrence is for real, you will probably STILL be ignored

    so ... no

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocean View Post
    Are bars good places to meet women?
    Yes, they are.

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    Lets See...Ah, Yes but I prefer hotel rooms.

    Also, avoid bars like City Bar. This is probably not a good place to meet woman...unless you don't mind surprises.

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    What about shopping centers?
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    meeting women

    I prefer supermarkets. The meat
    Actually Adonis has the prettiest female shoppers outside of halloween shops this time of year.
    Best place to meet ladies next weekend is at a halloween party.

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    Sex addicts anonymous meetings.
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    foodmarkets are the best place:

    Friday nights at the Metro to be specific,

    In a nutshell:
    Ethnic food section for girls who are looking for someone "spicy"
    Healthy food section for the girls looking for a healthy man
    frozen food section for the girls looking for wealthy men
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    Bars are great places to meet women. I think a lot depends on your attitude. If you're on the make and really hungry to hook up, you'll probably go home empty handed, but if you're there to have fun with men and women and let the social dynamic take its course you are more likely to find a woman if not for the night, then for a future date. Its like anything else, when you're desperate you'll strike out but when you're cool and confident and fun to be with you'll see results.

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