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Thread: Hobbying: Strip Clubs vs Massage Salons vs Escorts

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    Question Hobbying: Strip Clubs vs Massage Salons vs Escorts

    I'm curious to know whether most hobbyists start out by visiting strip clubs and then move on to massage salons and finally to escorts, which is closest to my experience. Or do the strips clubs, massage salons and escorts appeal to different groups within the hobbyist community. Or finally, do most hobbyists enjoy all three, depending on their mood on a given day.

    I myself started off visiting strip clubs and then moved on to massage salons. Once having experienced massage sessions, paying $15 per 3-minute lap dance at a strip club no longer appealed to me and I never went back. Currently, I only visit massage salons, but am thinking about trying escorts. I wonder whether after visiting escorts I will still visit massage salons - hence the motivation for my question.

    I am also curious about the quality-value ratio for the different experiences. I have already alluded to the fact that massage salons offer much more value for your money than strip clubs. There are also FS strip clubs , but I fail to understand why anyone would pay the same for a few minutes of FS at a strip club when they could get a full hour with an escort for approximately the same amount.

    Also, I wonder how escorts compare to massage salons in terms of the quality-value. It would seem that if one is simply looking for FS, the best value is had by visiting incall escorts (I'm leaving out street walkers since that is a whole other scene altogether). On the whole, massage salons and escorts do seem to be comparable in value. Visiting massage salons can be more expensive than incall escorts, it you find a massage salon which offers FS, but then you are paying for both FS and a massage. On the other hand, massage salons may not offer the same level of GFE available from escorts, except perhaps sometimes if you select the spa option and the masseuse is the GFE type. Then again, one has to worry about how clean the spa is, and whether it is a heath risk. Visiting outcall escorts is also more expensive than incall, because you are paying for the hotel room, but outcalls probably provide a more high quality escort service than incalls.

    I would be interested to know how other hobbyists feel about the comparison between strip clubs, massage salons and escorts. Are there other factors to consider that I did not mention?


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    Well, for me, massage parlor is nothing compared to a strip club. paying to be on a table with my back massaged and then just have a HJ is horrible. In a strip club, I check for the girl that I like the most (I take time to speak to them, look their stage...) and then when my choice is done, I go in a VIP booth with a sofa, a little cup of wine for me and for her and then the fun begin. Having a wonderful girl topless by my side, caressing her and being caressed by her while drinking some wine with her its much more fun than just having a massage and a HJ. But this depend of the mood too.

    If I'm in a high horny mood well, I'm gonna call an SP to fuck. But most of the time I have my fuckfriends so its free SP is only when I really want a very hot girl, playboy style...

    And for this :
    Quote Originally Posted by RobinX View Post
    Visiting outcall escorts is also more expensive than incall, because you are paying for the hotel room
    Why would you pay for an hotel room when she can go to your home since its an outcall. I never go in hotel, she come to my home so I just have to pay the sex time....
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