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Thread: Hobbyists--When Was The Last Time You Seduced A Woman ??

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    Hobbyists--When Was The Last Time You Seduced A Woman ??

    This question is for the hobbyists...whether long-term or new to the game.
    I was wondering when was the last time that you seduced a woman ?
    And I don't even mean sleeping with someone...I'm talking about going & starting a conversation with a woman and
    having her respond to you positively.How did the exchange end ?

    I have never done this or even tried....and at 38 I am to old to go out
    and drageur. I have very very bad rapport with women..but that's
    another story.

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    Interesting question. In my opinion hobbyists do engage in seduction but they do it with a stacked hand. Don't we see hundreds of posts about a hobbyist, having the MP tell him how much she likes him, how he scored big time. The famous Kloseoff would always relate his "conquests"all the same stuff a man goes for in a bar, BUT in the end a hobbyist knows that he won't go home with nothing, because in the end he already paid for it and in a bar or on a date he may pay and get no nookie, at a spa, he'll always get pretty much what he paid for.

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    Last Tuesday evening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmbot View Post
    dear penthouse forum... kidding last @ my place.i'm 46. she is 20.
    Which agency was she from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by box View Post
    I was wondering when was the last time that you seduced a woman ?
    WTF. Who cares about that?
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    ................ due tell "bitchelor"
    Quote Originally Posted by thebitchelor View Post
    Funny; i was wondering exactly the same thing....actually, as hobby (because of my "one night"encounter with Lilly Lombart, and the one i was supposed to have with K.I.M, but i had to report it..), i will give my answer the last time i seduced with a women was about last september...I didnt only seduced her but.....that's another story

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    If i remember the last time i initiated from nothing, it was mid summer in a drunken stupor with my buddies.

    Walking on the sidewalk street, my buddy whos less drunk spots two girl coming our way in the opposite direction. He dares me to mack on them. Hes late thirty and pretty clueless also. Im like no problem.

    Gather up my biggest cockiest french accent that i can and asks the prettiest ( and by all standards she was pretty), the conversation went something like:
    -"Bonjour mes demoiselles, comment allez vous durant cette belle soirée?"
    -"Pas mal et toi?"
    -"Absolument fabuleux apres vous avoir vu!"
    Laughs - and then we part company cordially wishing ourselves a good night and fun.
    My buddy went:" The fuck?! Why dont you do that more often"
    In my head, too much personal emotional baggage to deal with. I was drunk then, and got uber puke drunk after that.

    The last one i approached from circumstance was a bit after my birthday not too long ago( since then i kinda holed up in a corner), i was binging on free shots from the bartender, a friend of a friend, in a nice lounge. He was just giving it away to any who seemed to be chatting to me. One gorgeous swiss girl ( maybe she seemed more stunning because she was swiss or because i was losing it very quickly on the alcohol) was beside to me with her boyfriend:
    Her: -Whats this? I didnt order this.
    Me:- Hey! If its free. Dont complain.
    her: -hmmm. Guess you must be someone important.
    me: shrug.
    bla bla bla.

    But fact is, i get approached way more, and they are as cute as the SPs everyone seem to qualify as hotties on here.

    I remember these conversations, because those i have with strippers or MT can be downright depressing in contrast.Following most recent excerpt, cooling down wrapped up together at the end of the session:
    MT: tell me do you have a girlfriend?
    -I dont know.*pause* do you have a boyfriend?
    *pause*- maybe my reasons are the same as yours... I just dont trust men.
    - Thats understandable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by protagoras View Post
    WTF. Who cares about that?
    The person who posted the question, and those that answered. It seems to be to be a way to be able to parse out those that rely entirely on paid sexual services for one reason or anther, from those that have a mix of paid and free sexual playmates. What can be derived from that is questionable, but it might serve as a wake-up call to some that they need to get out and get their ashes hauled by a woman in the real world so the debilitating aspect of `always having to pay for it` doesn`t wear too much on their psyche.

    I grappled with that until I got myself a couple of fuck friends. I`m not sure if that counts as seducing though.

    There are some who might not be able to, from a perspective of confidence, or physicality, a combination of both, or some other reason. For them, this question might be depressing. Some of the advice offered to the person who asked about screwing a prostitute as his first-ever lay talked to the addictive nature of paying for sex, and it is something that isn`t to be dismissed out of hand as irrelevant. Of course, as is always the case here, some of it was pompous and regrettable, but what are you going to do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnmbot View Post
    pick one.
    Naughty Mildred's Merrie Maidens?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rumpleforeskiin View Post
    Naughty Mildred's Merrie Maidens?
    yeah, that's the one, i heard the wench went medieval on his ass
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    Quote Originally Posted by YouVantOption View Post
    sex, and it is something that isn't to be dismissed out of hand as irrelevant. but what are you going to do?
    So, scoring with Rosie Lapalme isn't considered seduction?

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    How do we define "seduction"? Having her to fall madly in love? Having her getting "flirty"? Having her want to have sex with you like an animal? Having enough money she'll have sex with you?

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    Last Friday,

    Went out on Saint-Denis near mont-royal, a group of women(4) were in front of a bar,
    I engaged conversation, here is small bit I thought was funny:

    Me: Hey guys, my friends and I we're looking for a place, is this bar any good?

    girl1: yeah, it's very nice.

    Me: How about the girls, are they nice?

    (girls giggle)

    girl2: Yeah,

    Me(smiling playfully cocky): Well, looking at all of you I don't think so...(2 of them were actually very pretty)
    (girls in shock, laughed out loud, girl1 kicked me playfully)

    Me: So who's getting married? I bet it is you[girl2].

    girl2(laughs): Why would you think that?

    Me(smiling): Because you look sad.
    (girls laugh)

    [eventually we went inside and talked about how they met each other, and so on]

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    Actually, i picked up 2 wemens in my entire life in a bar.

    One was probably a virgin cause we went back to her place, she brought a friend of like..what the hell

    Tought...oh well, the guy is completely wasted anyway's and she want's me to go to her place, so i will go and get laid...i dont care if some drunk fuck sleeps right next to me banging his little pretty blond friend...but the girl starts playing with mr Happy, i play with her pussy over panties, she moans a little so i get my hands under her panties and the she closes legs in a refusal...she didnt want me to finger her so i just ended up sleeping there.....

    Another time, me and a buddy are in a club and we go dance, i pick up a girl, i just took her hand and danced, had her email, contacted her and did some webcam sex, and she happened to live in toronto, i just never saw her again.

    Other then that, i never picked up a girl, i had a girlfriend for 5 years obviously we had sex and a couple life, didnt hobby since but now that its over im lurking around again but i dont think ill start hobbying again...i just fantasize about it.

    So my scoresheet pretty much sucks...

    Oh forgot, once on the internet, i chatted with girl, went to see a movie to her place once, then the next day i chat again and i just bluntly asked her if she wanted to fuck, and surprisingly, she did, she was not hot though, but free.

    So my scoresheet, as i said, sucks...

    probably...30 to 40 escorts...
    1 pick up where she touched my dick for 15 seconds....
    1 pick up i had free "webcam sex" with
    and 1 internet fuck with an overwight acnee infested girl who was too shy to go doggy...

    I want to seduce wemens though but im really not good at it, its a little better when you dont care and allmost ignore them though...but at 28, i still dont understand at all how to do it, i dont think i ever will, i need a lot of body training im so slim my body is more wemen like then manly but hey, genetics...i think its really my only seduction obstacle, my body, the rest of me is pretty nice !

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    Quote Originally Posted by box View Post
    This question is for the hobbyists...whether long-term or new to the game.
    I was wondering when was the last time that you seduced a woman ?
    And I don't even mean sleeping with someone...I'm talking about going & starting a conversation with a woman and
    having her respond to you positively.How did the exchange end ?

    I have never done this or even tried....and at 38 I am to old to go out
    and drageur. I have very very bad rapport with women..but that's
    another story.
    Sorry but I don't consider starting a conversation with someone seduction. This is just flirtation. I do this everywhere I go. My waitress last week (she said she would go out with me)...The lady at the check out at the grocery store a few hours ago...I flirted with her and started a conversation. I will make sure I go through her line next time there so I can do this again. I start conversations with female bar tenders, waitresses, hotel clerks, other female patrons at the restaurant, bar, work out club etc. I used to get lucky once in awhile but lately...not so much.

    I think I got laid in the bar or as a result of one of these brief chance encounters a number of times...probably a dozen or so. I was married most of the time and couldn't follow up on a lot of other leads or that number would have been higher. There is one conquest that I was particularly proud of in a bar. It was near closing time and I saw a sexy blond in a black short tube mini and I said to myself "I'm gonna try to pick up the sexiest chick in the bar." I walked up to her and I said "do you have the time? did they call for last call yet? can I buy you one?" And we had a brief conversation and a few laughs. She ended up giving me her number as she walked out the door. I ran into her while jogging and invited her out for a drink that night, We met up and she wore a leopard mini and heels...nice. We slept together and had about a 6 month affair. Another time I was at a festival where I competed in a 10K race. All the participants were drinking their free beer for attending. I had my eye on a hot chick and I wanted to talk to her in the worst way. I was trying to gather the nerve. The beer was flowing freely and it was well after sun down. She went to use one of the Porta Potties. I ran up to the Porat Pottie and banged the door and shook the potty, She screamed inside saying "Hey stop." I immediately pretended like I was chasing the guy off yelling at this fictitious person to get F out of hear or something like that. She came out and I asked "Are you OK?" I was her hero. She introduced me to her friends and a few beers and a few hours later we were making out and fondling each other. She would not have sex with me but gave me her number for a later date. Man was she hot. About half the time the girl picked me up. There was a restaurant where I was particularly popular and managed to bed two of the waitresses...I miss those days for sure.

    Now a days, with my current situation, the best thing to do is to pay an strings attached and a sure thing with a young hot girl. The kind I used to spend so much time and energy pursuing (The SPs in Montreal are better looking and a better lay). I still enjoy talking to the opposite sex if it is nothing more than to have a few laughs at a bar or the check out counter or what have you. Just smile, make eye contact, exchange pleasantries, initiate a brief conversation, use wit and charm and a little bit of flattery. Most of the time it will be appreciated and some times it will not...learn to read the signs and keep trying.

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